Creative Arts

This five-course, 15 credit pathway is for students interested in visual arts, creative writing, graphic novels, book illustration, and creative work combining text with illustrations. 

Pathway Requirements:

  • ART 106:  Fundamentals of Art (3 credits)
  • ART 111:  Art History I (3 credits) or ART 112: Art History II (3 credits)
  • ART 213:  Graphic Design (3 credits)
  • ENG 101:  Composition and Presentation I (3 credits)
  • ENG 210:  Intro to Creative Writing (3 credits)

Suggested Course Sequence:
ENG 101, ENG 210, ART 106, and ART 111 do not have prerequisites and can be taken in any order.  Students must take ART 106 before ART 213.

This pathway may lead to the following programs at UMaine Machias:

B.A. in Creative Arts with concentrations in:

  • Creative Writing
  • Visual Arts

A.A in Liberal Studies with concentrations in:

  • Digital Medical Production
  • Creative Writing
  • Visual Arts

Minors in:

Undergraduate certificates in:

In addition to providing a solid foundation for graduate degrees in visual art or creative writing, the creative arts program may lead to a number of exciting careers:

  • Art educator
  • Book designer
  • Editor for a magazine, journal, newspaper, or press
  • Exhibition planner
  • Freelance writer/technical writer/copywriter
  • Graphic novelist
  • Graphic designer
  • Illustrator
  • Museum curator
  • Novelist/memoirist
  • Podcaster
  • Public relations/advertising specialist
  • Publisher
  • Visual artist