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Now at the gallery through the summer:

Stella Waitzkin 

Thanks to the kind generosity of Dr. Charles Russell, administrator for the Waitzkin Memorial Library Trust and in collaboration with the Kohler Foundation, UMM has acquired four small fiberglass sculptures from the estate of Stella Waitzkin

Stella Waitzkin (1920–2003) began as an abstract expressionist, and later studied painting with Hans Hofmann and life drawing with Willem de Koonig. She expanded from painting to sculpture, to performance art and film. After the 1960s, her primary subject was the book. 

Stella cast old, leather-bound volumes as single objects and as elements of larger installations, including freestanding shelves, small bookcases, or entire library walls. These are magnificent pieces of art—colorful, translucent, and luminous. One of only a few female environment builders, Stella’s constructions are composed almost entirely of books, although she occasionally included “real” books in her libraries, or other cast objects such as clocks, birds, fruit, or human faces. 

Source: The Kohler Foundation Website

Location and Hours

UMM Art Gallery
Powers Hall, 1st Floor
116 O’Brien Avenue, Machias, Maine, 04654

Hours of operation:

Monday through Friday: 11 a.m.–5 p.m.


The Art Gallery at the University of Maine at Machias is the center for the visual arts in the Down East area.

In 1972, the John C. and Norma B. Marin Foundation donated the works of John Marin, Lyonel Feininger, Reuben Tam, William Zorach, Paul Jenkins, Oscar Bleumner, and William Kienbusch to the Art Gallery’s permanent collection. Since then, the gallery has acquired for its collection contemporary works from a number of American artists including: Hunt Slonem, Robert Indiana, Daphne Cummings and Dennis Pinnette, as well as local artists who work in a variety of media including paintings, prints, watercolors, photography and sculpture.

There is also an active gallery schedule during the year with a variety of exhibits of contemporary works, historical themes, art faculty and student work, and selections from the permanent collection.

We also sponsor shows supporting our Machias Bay area’s cultural identity, including a number of exhibits about the petroglyphs surrounding Machias Bay. This includes a comprehensive petroglyph surface prints collection made by the Hedden family and on loan from them, and petroglyph surface casts made under the direction of Donald Soctomah, Passamaquoddy tribal historian. Also in our collection are baskets made by the Passamaquoddy, Penobscot and MicMac tribal artisans.

For more information please contact:

Bernie Vinzani
Professor of Book Arts and Art
Director of the Book Arts Studio
Director of the Art Galleries and Gallery for the Book