UMM, UMaine offer early college fall courses for high school students

Through a partnership between the Maine Department of Education and the University of Maine System, tuition is waived for all qualified public high school students in the state for as many as 12 college credits per year at the University of Maine or at the University of Maine at Machias.

In addition, a reduced tuition rate of $138.25 per credit is available to students attending Maine private high schools.

Starting Aug. 31, UMaine will offer more than 100 courses and UMM will offer more than 40 courses suitable for qualified high school students. Classes are taught by world-class faculty and meet general education requirements of the University of Maine System and the majority of colleges nationwide. Students will benefit from the flexibility and variety of remote and online early college courses.

UMaine has a long history of being a leader in supporting early college programming. UMaine’s signature online program, Academ-e, launched more than 16 years ago.

The UMaine and UMM Early College Programs are committed to providing quality teaching and learning, college-level rigor and academic integrity; access and support to under-resourced communities and first-generation students; and multiple layers of support to ensure student success, including a comprehensive orientation experience and academic advising.

Aug. 24 is the fall application deadline; registration is online at

Students and parents interested in courses at UMaine are encouraged to contact Allison Small, Early College Programs coordinator, 207.581.8004,, or visit to learn more about the application process.

Students and parents interested in courses at UMM are encouraged to contact Christy Alley, Early College Programs director, 207.255.1268,, or visit for more information.