A view of a building on campus with autumn leaves in the foreground

Branding Toolkit

The University of Maine at Machias, a regional campus of the University of Maine, maintains a unique visual brand that draws on the history and distinct regional identity of the campus.

The branding guideline for the campus is available as a PDF download here. In addition, a folder containing logo files for the university in a variety of formats for web and print may be downloaded on this page.

If you have questions about the Machias brand, please contact ummachias.news@maine.edu.

Primary logo

Secondary logo

Logos for dark backgrounds

If you are designing material such as a PowerPoint slide or webpage that uses a dark background, use the reverse primary UMM logo. This is a transparent background file that will appear as a white logo with the same background color you have set for your page.

UMM logo white on dark background



Hex code: #00533E
CMYK: 94/41/79/39


Visit the University of Maine typography page for information about recommended fonts.


To request a departmental letterhead in .pdf or .docx format, contact ummachias.news@maine.edu.

Click here to download University of Maine at Machias logo files. This .zip folder contains files appropriate for both print and web.


Click here to download the 2020-21 branding guide.