Human Resources

As the University of Maine and University of Maine at Machias partnership grows to strategically support a consolidated Human Resources (HR) function, we make a commitment to continue providing superb HR services.

The Office of Human Resources is dedicated to the personal and professional growth of our faculty and staff. The office provides support in recruitment and retention of a dynamic and qualified workforce.

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Contact Information

HR Partners

Department Name Department ID HRP Assigned Phone Email
Admissions Office MADM Brian Drisko 207.581.2364
Athletics MATH Brian Drisko    
Financial Aid Office MFINA Brian Drisko    
Library MLIB Brian Drisko    
Physical Facilities Office MPHYP Brian Drisko    
Business Office MBUSO Jessica Johnston 207.581.5407
Registrar’s Office MREG Kelly Hoovler 207.581.1531
Life Long Learning Center MLLLC Liz Faro 207.581.1045
Residence Halls MRESH Liz Faro    
Counseling Services MCOUN Liz Faro    
Student Life MSTLF Liz Faro    
Career Development Office MCARD Nicole Lawrence* 207.581.2978
Environmental & Biological Science Division MEBS Nicole Lawrence    
Public Information MPR Nicole Lawrence    
Professional Studies Division MPSD Nicole Lawrence    
Student Resource Center MSRC Nicole Lawrence    
Arts and Letters Division MA&L Nicole Lawrence    
Academic Affairs Office MACAD Nicole Lawrence    
* Lead HR Partner for UMM        

Employee Benefits, Questions and Services, Family Medical Leave, Tuition Waivers

Team Members: Karla Kemp, Fred Meserve, Tammie Perez, Ann Remick, April Strowbridge
Phone: (866) 269-9635 (Toll Free) or (207) 973-3373


Payroll Questions

Carlene Harmon
Phone: (207) 255-1213

General Line
Phone: (207) 581-9104


Title IX Coordinators

Liz Lavoie
Title IX Coordinator
(Located on UM Campus)
241 Estabrook Hall
Orono, ME 04469
Heather R. Hogan
Campus Title IX Student Services Coordinator
(Located on UM Campus)
315 Memorial Union
Orono, ME 04469

Office of Equal Opportunity

Office of Equal Opportunity
Room 101 North Stevens Hall
Orono, ME 04469
Phone: (207) 581-1226
Fax: (207) 581-1214


Worker’s Compensation

Kylie Baker
Unified Claims Coordinator
Phone: (207) 621-3462


Please feel free to call the front desk at (207) 581-1581 for assistance at any time.