Emergency Planning

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) is responsible for the comprehensive emergency and disaster management planning efforts for the University of Maine at Machias. We provide planning, training, inter-departmental coordination, and emergency response assistance for major emergencies or disasters.

Emergency Notifications

In the event of an emergency, initial notification and instructions will be sent to the campus community via:

  • e2Campus Alert System
  • Campus-wide E-mail
  • UMM Web site

In order to quickly communicate emergency information to the campus community, UMM has implemented the e2Campus emergency notification system that allows anyone in the campus community to receive alerts or other emergency information via e-mail and a text message on their mobile phones. Participation in e2Campus is not mandatory, but is strongly encouraged. Students, faculty, and staff can sign up here.

Health and Safety Update:

UMM Flu Update:

Currently, there are no reported cases of influenza at UMM. Influenza has officially arrived in Maine on October 16 in Lincoln County. To help reduce influenza in our community, we encourage you get vaccinated and take the basic steps below. If you need vaccination, please contact Beth Russet, Coordinator of Student Health

Basic Steps for the Fall and Winter Season

By following these basic steps, you can stay healthy and help keep our community healthy.

(1) Wash your hands with soap. Make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. How long is 20 seconds? Sing Happy Birthday two times.

(2) Sneeze to the inside of your elbow.

(3) Cover your cough with a tissue or cough into your shirt.

(4) Fist bump instead of shaking hands.

(5) Stay home when you are sick.

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