UMaine Machias Facts

We are the University of Maine’s regional campus, located in Downeast Maine. As the easternmost university in the nation, our students are the first in the United States to see the sunrise!

Our 243-acre campus, with pristine forests and trails, is located at the edge of downtown Machias. Within a short drive from campus you can enjoy the atlantic oceanat the famous Jasper Beach or Roque Bluffs State park. Washington County is home to numerous lakes and countless trails as well! 

Bad Little Falls in Machias, an Aerial view of downtown Machias from campus and a view down the beach at Roque Bluffs State Park


The University of Maine at Machias is the regional campus of the University of Maine. Through nine distinctive baccalaureate degree programs and three associate degrees, the student-centered UMaine Machias community creates enriching educational opportunities that prepare graduates for professional success and lifelong engagement. In addition to degree programs, UMaine Machias offers a variety of certificates that focus on specific career skills. Professional focus and hands-on learning define the academic experience at Maine’s coastal university, where there is a shared commitment to exploration, service, collaboration, and interdisciplinary problem solving. UMaine Machias’ applied research and community outreach contribute to the quality of life and economic development in Downeast Maine and beyond.

UMaine Machias is fully accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) within the University of Maine’s NECHE accreditation

Students & Campus Life

  • Approximately 760 students
  • Demographics: 16% minority students, 2% international students

Campus Life

  • Residence hall styles ranging from singles to suites
  • 8 Greek organizations and more than 15 student organizations

An Engaged Campus

Community engagement means developing lasting relationships and creating lasting change. In a university environment, community engaged learning looks like what UMaine Machias students do every day: they pull on rubber boots to study marine biology, grow organic produce for a food pantry to learn sustainable agriculture, or provide tax preparation help to low-income families to learn about accounting and advocacy. The community is the classroom, and everyone benefits.

Of the 5,300 colleges and universities in the United States, only 311 of them are designated as Engaged Campuses by the Carnegie Foundation. UMaine Machias is one of them. Click here to read more about the Carnegie Foundation recognition.