We are affordable!

As a small public college, UMM is able to offer you a unique educational experience at a reasonable price far below that of most private colleges. Far too often, students do not pursue a college education because they do not know how to pay for it. UMM is committed to providing opportunity for qualified students through a variety of scholarships and financial aid packages.

Tuition and Fees

Few students pay the actual full cost of their college education. Each year, about 90 percent of UMM students receive some sort of aid, with assistance coming in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, and on-campus jobs. Last year, UMM gave out $2.5 million in scholarships, grants, and tuition waivers.

To help you calculate the cost of your education, The University of Maine at Machias has two Net Price Calculators to help you to estimate your costs and financial aid options. Select the option that applies to you to calculate your costs.


Mandatory Fees

  • $240 Student activity fee
  • $626 Unified fee
  • $2,157 Student Health Insurance
    (If  you are not already covered)

Room per Semester

  • Traditional Double – $2,300
  • Singles (available to upper-class students) – $2,427.50
  • Suites (available to upper-class students) – $2,621

Meals per Semester

  • $2,290

Other Fees

  • $40 Application fee (one time)-currently being waived
  • $125 Orientation fee (one time)
  • $75 – 95 Art materials fee per course
  • $95 Music fee per class (private lessons)
  • $25 Online course fee
  • $6 Distance learning technology fee per credit
  • $60 Lab fee per course
  • $25 Student union fee
  • $50 Health Center fee (Only for students enrolled in less than 9 credits who waived the Student Health Insurance)


First Year Student Net Price Calculatornetpricecalculator-e1459513385529

Below you will find information on the estimated costs of tuition and fees charged at UMM. 



The following table is based on a full-time load of 15 credits per semester, double room, and 19-meals per week.
 Tuition Effective

Fall 2019

Maine Student


Out-of-State Student/



New England Regional Program*


Canadian Student


Tuition  $7,170  $14,250   $11,460  $11,460
Fees  $866  $866   $866  $866
Room & Board  $9,180  $9,180   $9,180  $9,180
Yearly Total  $17,216  $24,296   $21,506  $21,506
*New England Regional Program (NEBHE) eligble programs.


Learn More About NEBHE Eligible Programs