Residence Hall Information and Rates

Fall 2021 Move-in Dates are tentatively August 27th-29th.

Please read the below information before attempting to apply for housing.
  • Will I have a roommate?
    • Due to community health concerns and in an attempt to promote social distancing, students will only be placed with a roommate upon mutual request. Space permitting, all rooms will be treated as single occupancy rooms except by request. See room cost below.
  • When will I find out my room assignment?
    • Residence life staff completes room assignments on a rolling basis for spring semester housing. You will receive an email with your room & board information.

We have plenty of space on campus, so please do not worry.

  • What type of room will I live in?
    • The default room type is for all incoming students is “Traditional Double as a Single”. To request an alternate room type (small single, large single) please indicate that in the free text box near the end of the application.
    • Please note that currently there are limited options available outside of Traditional Double as a Single.
  • I have a documented need for medical accommodations, how can I make a request for those accommodations?
    • All requests for medical accommodations must go through Jo-Ellen Scribner at You MUST have documentation from a licensed professional outlining the specific reason for accommodation as well as recommendations for accommodation.
    • Depending on the accommodations, the assignment possibilities may be limited to a specific room, floor, wing, or building.
    • Emotional support animals that are used for therapeutic reasons are required to be approved through this process. Trained service animals (as with a seeing-eye dog) are not required to go through an approval process for residential students or any guests or employees that enter the residence halls.
  • I can’t log into the application, what do I do?
    • Ensure that you are using your MaineStreet login, which is typically firstname.lastname – do not add the “”. Use the same password that you use for MaineStreet.
  • It’s still not working. What do I do now?
    • If the system does not allow you to log in, click the “add me” button and follow the directions there. Ensure that your MaineStreet ID number and your MaineStreet Login information are correct. Incorrect ID numbers or MaineStreet login information entered here may cause your application to be denied.
    • If you get an error it is either because at least one piece of information is inaccurate or you already have a valid account and it is not allowing you to make a duplicate account. If you already have an account, go back one step and try logging in again.
  • It’s still not working. What do I do now?
    • Try the same to recommendations above in a private/incognito browser to access the application.
    • Use the UMS Account Password Change Tool
      • From your MyCampus account, select “UMS ID Management”, which is below the LaunchPad
      • Select “Change Password”
    • If you are still experiencing issues, please email for assistance. We will respond within one to two business days. Please do not panic; there is plenty of space available.
  • I have read everything above this- where is the link to the application?


  •  The Fall 2021 housing application is now live! Please reach out to Resident Life Coordinator Dyandrea Labonte ( with any questions or concerns about your housing application. Summer 2021 housing applications are now available!

2020-2021 Room & Board License

Please note that the UMM 20-21 Room & Board License document itself is not the application for housing. You will review and sign this document as the last step in the housing application in the section above.

Room & Board Rates: 2021-2022 Academic Year


These rates are tentative and subject to approval by the University of Maine System Board of Trustees and may change.

In an effort to encourage social distancing and to maintain a safe and healthy campus experience this fall, all rooms will be single occupancy unless otherwise specified below. Most incoming first year students will be placed in a Traditional Double as a Single, however room placement will be subject to availability.


Room Type Academic Year Cost Semester Cost
Traditional Double as a Single $4,980.00 $2,490.00
 Traditional Single $4,712.00 $2,356.00
Small Double as a Single (limited availability) $4,812.00 $2,406.00
Double Suite (each bedroom is a single) – Upper-class students only $5,230.00 $2,615.00


Meals Per Week          Dining Dollars Included Academic Year Cost Semester Cost
Unlimited $125.00 $4,983.00 $2,491.50

Community Living & Student Conduct

We have designed the residential program at UMM to provide a safe and comfortable environment where students may live, study, socialize, learn and grow within a community of peers. Each resident is responsible for his/her own conduct and may live as he/she pleases as long as it does not interfere with the rights of others. The Residential Education staff is here to ensure that the rights of residents and the property of the university are not abused. The guidelines, expectations, and policies set forth in the Guide to Community Living have been established to ensure a safe and cooperative environment for all residents.

Residence Hall Staff

The residence hall staff includes the Residence Life Coordinator and a team of Resident Assistants (RAs) who work to support the needs of the residential students. The Coordinator is a full-time professional staff member who lives in the residence hall and is responsible for overseeing the community within the hall and its day-to-day operations. The RAs are paraprofessional (student) staff members who are each assigned to a specific floor. They are a resource for their residents and maintain a vibrant and safe community within the residence hall.

Visit the Resident Assistant Program page for more information.