Campus Safety

UMM’s beautiful Down East Maine location plays a large role in the college experience, both in and outside of the classroom. No snarled traffic, no crowds…Although both the town and campus are very safe, we know that crime can happen anywhere. For that reason, the Office of Student Life cooperates with local law enforcement authorities to ensure a safe environment, and partners with the Residence Life staff to promote crime prevention and awareness.

Reporting of Criminal Actions

Call 911 if you have a severe or life-threatening medical emergency.

Then contact the professional on-call at 207.263.4371.

I want to report or fill out a:

Universal Incident Report Form | Used to report accidents, potential crime(s), conduct infraction(s), or suspicious behavior in or around a campus building. The Universal Incident Report form provides us with information to meet the requirements of the Clery Act.

Title IX Report Form | This form should be used to report concerns pertaining to UMM students or employees who have experienced dating violence, domestic violence, hostile environment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, stalking, retaliation, or other forms of sexual misconduct.

Emergencies are reported to the Residential Education staff if the incident occurs in the residence halls at 207.263.4371. If the incident occurs in any other campus area it is reported to Campus Safety at 207.263.9315.

Crimes should be reported by calling 911.

Crime Log & Fire Log

The Crime Log is a record of criminal incidents and or alleged criminal incidents which are reported to Campus Safety. Recorded within the Crime Log is the date and time the crime/alleged crime occurred, the date and time the crime/alleged crime was reported, the nature of the crime/alleged crime and the general location of the crime/alleged crime.

The Fire Log is a record of fires which occur in on-campus residence halls.

Both the Crime Log and the Fire Log for the most recent 60-day period is available for public inspection, free of charge. To access this information, please visit the Student Life suite on the second floor of Powers Hall.

Useful Links

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