Parking Application Form


The University Of Maine at Machias

PURPOSE:  The University of Maine at Machias’ Parking Policy requires that vehicles parked and/or operated on campus do not interfere with the normal day-to-day operations of the University or with emergency vehicles when on campus, that safety is  of pedestrians and other motorists is protected, that designated  parking spots for individuals with disability plates or placards remain available for vehicles displaying appropriate plates or placards, and vehicles are parked in appropriate places on campus.

UMaine Machias parking permits: All vehicles parked on the University of Maine at Machias campus must have a UMaine Machias parking permit displayed. Permits are free and can be obtained by completing the application found here. Once the application is complete, you may pick up a parking permit from the Student Life Office. Parking stickers need to be adhered to the windshield at the bottom of the passenger side.

PARKING FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES:  Any vehicle parked in a designated parking spot for individuals with disabilities must display a valid disability plate or placard.

GENERAL PARKING REGULATIONS:  Parking is permitted only in areas designated for parking.  Parking is prohibited, whether it is posted or not, in roadways, loading zones, service and delivery areas, fire lanes, sidewalks, spots that block access to the dumpsters, and on any and all grass.

Driveways, entryways to parking lots, and the Dorward Circle are all considered fire lanes and must remain clear of parked vehicles.

University of Maine at Machias has no liability for damage to any vehicle or other property unless that damage is directly caused by the negligence of a UMaine Machias employee. Owners and operators of motor vehicles on campus are required by Maine law and by this policy to carry and maintain liability insurance on their vehicle.

The University reserves the right to change parking privileges temporarily in any area by appropriate postings.

Motorized bicycles, motorcycles, scooters and motorbikes, are not allowed in any UMaine Machias building for any reason.

Double parking is not permitted anywhere on campus.

Vehicles belonging to residential students left on campus during school breaks, must be moved to the lot next to the soccer field prior to each break or they will be towed there at the student’s risk and expense.

Vehicles must have a current vehicle registration and have a registration sticker as well as a current inspection sticker. Failure to comply could result in the vehicle being towed.

Under no circumstances are vehicles authorized to be plugged into any building on campus.

Lack of space in a convenient parking lot is not a valid excuse for violating this Policy or any other parking regulations.

Any parked vehicles blocking traffic, obstructing access to parking areas, located in the fire lane or marked tow-away area, are subject to fines and/or being towed away at the owner’s risk and expense.

Failure to comply with this Policy and/or University vehicle regulations may result in fees, removal of the vehicle at the owner’s risk and expense, suspension and/or revocation of parking privileges, and/or appropriate disciplinary actions, including, but not limited to, proceedings under the Student Conduct Code, or any combinations of such penalties.

The fact that a vehicle is unlawfully parked or is involved in a moving violation shall be prima facie evidence of the act of such vehicle by the person in whose name the vehicle is registered, or if the vehicle is not registered with UMaine Machias, the person in whose name the vehicle is registered with the appropriate Department of Motor Vehicles.

WINTER REGULATIONS:  Between November 15th and March 31st, overnight parking is limited to the residential lots between the hours of midnight and 7:00 A.M.

After snowstorms, residential students will be informed when vehicles need to be moved to the lot next to the soccer field to allow for plowing. Vehicles that are not moved and impede snow removal may be cited or towed at the student’s risk and expense.

CITATIONS: When a citation is issued, a student will receive an email notifying them of the reason for the citation, the amount of the citation, and the appeals process. Citations will be applied to a student’s account and can be paid at the Business Office located in Power’s Hall on the first floor.


  • Parking in no parking zone – $20.00
  • Parking in non-parking area (i.e on grass or sidewalks) – $20.00
  • Parking in a parking space for individuals with disabilities without the proper plate or placard – $50.00
  • Parking in road way or fire lane – $60.00
  • Violating one-way traffic flow – $50.00
  • Unauthorized Parking between November 15th and March 31st or after snowstorms – $25.00

TOWING: The University reserves the right to remove any vehicle that violates this Policy or its established parking regulations. Persons picking up a vehicle that has been towed from campus will be required to pay the towing agency for the tow and any storage fees. The cost of the tow is determined by the tow company and not the University.


May 2022