Introduction to Health Professions

This curriculum helps prepare students for several different health profession fields including nursing, nursing assistants, home and personal health aides, and medical assistants.

This five-course, 18-19 credit pathway in Introduction to Health Professions is designed to give students a set of introductory-level college credits that will lead to majors in the health professions. This curriculum supports students interested in attending college and prepares them with the first year curriculum in several different health profession fields including nursing, pre-professional, etc. 

Pathway Requirements (listed in suggested course sequence): 

  • ENG 101:  Composition & Presentation I (3 credits)
  • BIO 117:  This is Life! (4 credits)
  • BIO 110:  Human Anatomy and Physiology I* (4 credits)
  • BIO 230:  Human Anatomy and Physiology II* (4 credits)

Additionally, choose one from the following:

  • BIO 221:  Microbiology* (4 credits)
  • MAT 113:  Introduction to Statistics (3 credits)
  • PSY 110:  Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)

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This pathway may lead to the following programs at UMaine Machias:

 B.A. in Biology with concentrations in:

  • Fisheries Biology
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Pre-Professional

A.A. in Liberal Studies with a concentration in:

  • Allied Health

Completion of these majors allows students to pursue careers such as:

  • Laboratory technician
  • Veterinary assistant
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Medical services manager
  • Patient care advocate
  • Health educator
  • Occupational therapist
  • Nutritionist

Students who complete a biology major are also prepared to pursue graduate study in a variety of professional fields, such as:

  • Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical science
  • Healthcare management
  • Psychiatry
  • Nursing
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Epidemiology
  • Sports medicine