Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office is located on the 2nd floor of Powers Hall, across from the Music Room. Registrar’s Office staff are available to assist students, faculty and staff with a wide range of services and information.

Class Scheduling & Registration

Academic Calendar Adding & Dropping Courses
Semester Class Schedule Withdrawing from Classes
First Dates to Register for Spring 2020 Final Exam Schedule
How to Register for Classes Course Descriptions
University Catalog  Registration Policies

  • Incomplete Policy
  • Auditing a Course
  • Repeat Policy
  • Pass/Fail Policy
  • Prerequisites
Temporary Grade Forgiveness Policy for MAT 9 and MAT 12

Academic Records

Transcript Requests Enrollment Verifications
Grading Policy Degree Verifications
Confidentiality Policy Academic Appeal Procedures
Updating Your Personal Information Academic Record Changes
Definition of a Credit Hour


Completing Your Degree

What do I need to finish my degree? Course Substitutions
Changing Your Major

  • Declaring a concentration
  • Declaring a minor
  • Double Major
Prior Learning Assessment

  • AP, CLEP, NYU Language, DSST, IB exams
  • Military Training & Experience
  • Workplace Credentials
  • Portfolio Assessment
Academic Expectations-Probation/Suspension Residency Requirement
Dean’s List Policy Applying to Graduate

Academic Transitions

Transfer Policies Veterans Services
Applying for Readmission to UMM Away Approval
Foreign Credentials Leave of Absence
Transitions Program Grade Forgiveness

If you need help with any of the above areas, please contact the Registrar’s Office at (207) 255-1223 or by email at

Academic integrity is fundamental to an educational community and students have a responsibility to uphold that integrity. Academic dishonesty, a corrosive force in the academic life of any university, jeopardizes the quality of education and depreciates the genuine achievements of others.  For more information on UMM’s Academic Integrity Policy please contact UMM’s Academic Affairs Office (207.255.1342).