Before enrolling:

  • Verify access to MaineStreet.  New users should go to My MaineStreet Account to learn about getting started.  If current students encounter problems accessing MaineStreet, go to www.mail.maine.edu to view information on managing user accounts.  It may be necessary to reset the account password.  The IT Help Desk is also available for assistance.
  • View the current course offering list in MaineStreet.
  • Check enrollment dates on the Enrollment Appointment Schedule to determine wish list and enrollment appointments.  The Enrollment Appointment is a set date and time when a student may enroll in classes for the term.  An appointment is assigned to a student based on the amount of credit hours earned (excludes current class enrollments.)  Students may also access their enrollment appointment information in their MaineStreet Student Center shown under the “Enrollment Dates” section.
  • Check for enrollment (registration) holds in the Student Center in MaineStreet.  New students will have a hold associated with completing the Financial Terms and Conditions.  This information is designed to ensure awareness and understanding of billing and financial obligations as a UMS student.  Complete the To Do List item named “Financial Terms and Conditions” to release the registration hold on your account.

Enrolling in classes:

  • Use MaineStreet to create a Wish List and enroll in classes at the proper appointment times.
  • Select courses ahead of time using the “Wish List” feature in Student Self Service.  Adding classes to the Wish List does not enroll a student into classes – it is only the first step.  Students are not automatically enrolled from the Wish List.
  • Enroll using MaineStreet during the scheduled appointment times. Courses that require instructor or special permission need to be added by contacting the department offering the course.
  • Some courses will allow students to add themselves to a Wait List. Although each student on a Wait List is assigned a position number, that number does not necessarily represent the order in which students may be enrolled should openings in the class occur. Additional information can be found at Wait Lists .
  • If problems are encountered during the enrollment process, contact the Registrar’s office by calling (207)255-1223, or send an email to ummreg@maine.edu.

Additional registration information is available in the online Undergraduate Catalog under “Enrollment Status.”