Final Exams

  • Spring 2023 Final Exam Schedule (PDF) (May 1-4)
  • Final examinations are held according to a published schedule and cannot be taken before the scheduled time. The scheduled final exam day and time is listed in MaineStreet. If you are unsure of which section of a class you are enrolled in, check your course schedule in MaineStreet.  Not all sections of classes have final exams. If your section is not listed and you have a question about this, check with your instructor.
  • Faculty can find their final exam schedule in the Faculty Center in the box labeled “My Final Exam Schedule,” located just below the “My Teaching Schedule” box which displays their semester’s classes.
  • Students can see their final exam schedule by logging into MaineStreet and navigating to Student Self-Service > Student Center.  Under the “Academics” section, select “Exam Schedule” from the “other academic…” drop-down menu.
  • The final examination should count no more than one-third of the course grade, although exceptions may be made by the instructor in consultation with the chairperson of the department in which the course is offered.
  • A final examination may be scheduled only during final exam week.  If a final is not planned, and the instructor wishes to schedule a prelim covering the last weeks of the course, this prelim must be given during the final exam week.
  • Students who are scheduled for more than two final examinations in one day or have two exams scheduled at the same time will be notified by the Office of the Registrar and are asked to work with their instructors to reschedule one of the final exams.  If students have difficulty reaching a reasonable compromise with their instructors, the Office of the Registrar will provide further assistance.