Academic Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening?

The University of Maine at Machias (UMaine Machias) is merging with the University of Maine (UMaine). All UMaine Machias students’ academic records will be kept within the UMaine MaineStreet environment. All UMaine Machias courses and academic programs will be incorporated into the UMaine Catalog.

Why is this happening?

The Board of Trustees approved a plan to merge the University of Maine at Machias into the University of Maine. For additional information, please see the Regional Campus Task Force page on the Office of the President website.

When will it impact me?

Starting with the enrollment process for the fall 2024 semester, which will be in late March 2024, students will register using the newly combined MaineStreet. Effective fall 2024, all UMaine Machias students will be UMaine students.

How does it impact me?

Starting with fall 2024, all course scheduling and enrollment for UMaine Machias-based students will take place in UMaine MaineStreet, alongside students admitted to the UMaine campus. In addition, your transcript will state “University of Maine.”

The remainder of this FAQ addresses and seeks to clarify other ways in which this integration will impact your student experience and academic records.

I am currently enrolled in a degree program at UMaine Machias. How will the integration impact my credits and Grade Point Average (GPA)?

Your academic history from UMaine Machias will be moved over to your new UMaine record in MaineStreet. This migration includes your current credits earned, GPA, transfer awarded credits, and test credits earned.

A special process is being run to add the GPA value for all UMaine Machias coursework into the UMaine cumulative GPA. This will not be reflected on the new UMaine transcript until grades from the fall 2024 semester are posted.

The following is a screenshot that you will see in your Student Center, under the Academics Tab:

A screenshot from MaineStreet depicting the heirarchy of Machias appearing underneath UMaine Undergraduate

A screenshot depticting the type of information that will be seen in MaineStreet Student Center's academics tab

How will the integration impact my degree requirements and my degree progress report?

Current degree seeking students will maintain their current degree requirements as indicated in MaineStreet on the Student Center. Your advisors, however, will need to utilize your current Degree Progress Report with the newly created merged Degree Progress Report.

If you have courses that have been substituted or waived into your Degree Progress Report, the Office of Student Records (OSR) is working to identify these and will have a plan in place prior to the Fall Semester starting. In short, what this means for you is that no additional paperwork will be needed.

I previously took courses at UMaine Machias as an Early College and/or as a non-degree student, what will my transfer credits look like at UMaine?

All courses completed at UMaine Machias through summer 2024, regardless of how you were enrolled, will be entered into the UMaine record as transfer credit with the relevant course equivalencies.

I have required courses in my planner, but they are listed as “inactive.” Does that mean I cannot complete my degree?

No, it does not. The courses are showing as inactive because of the course migration that the Office of Students Records has completed to move the course offerings from UMaine Machias to UMaine in MaineStreet for the upcoming fall semester. What the inactive status does mean is that you will need to use course offerings under UM in MaineStreet for your planner.

In my current planner, I cannot plan for courses for the fall 2024 semester. Why is this?

This is because there is no term set up for UMaine Machias in MaineStreet after the summer semester this year. You will have to use the planner that is attached to your UMaine record in MaineStreet.

With the integration of UMaine Machias into UMaine for the fall semester, what catalog do we use to determine the various degree and course offerings at UMaine Machias?

In June 2024, there will be a combined catalog that will include both UMaine and UMaine Machias degree and course offerings. When the combined catalog is published, OSR will update this page to include links to the UMaine Machias college page and to the degree and course offerings.

Once enrollment opens for the fall semester, how will I know which courses are being offered at UMaine Machias?

A screenshot of class details depicting the location and campus information

For in-person courses, the location will be “Machias UMM Campus” (depicted in the example screenshot above)

For online courses, under the Enrollment Information on the Class Search, a Class Attribute titled “UMM Course Offering” will be displayed.

A screenshot of class details depicting the class attributes for UMM courses

I am on academic probation currently at UMaine Machias. Will this continue when the integration is complete?

Yes, your current academic standing will transfer over to your new UMaine academic record.

If I have completed over 30 credits at the UMaine Machias, can I use those credits to meet the degree residency requirements at UMaine?

Yes, all courses taken at UMaine Machias will now count towards the UMaine degree residency requirements. Adjustments will be made to your Degree Progress Report (DPR) to reflect this; no action will be required on your part.

If I need additional courses to complete my degree which is not being offered at UMaine Machias, can I take UMaine course offerings at UMaine to complete my degree requirements?

Yes, when enrollment opens for the fall semester, you will be able to enroll in course offerings based out of both UMaine Machias and UMaine. Check with your advisors to confirm whether specific UMaine-based courses will apply to your degree plan before enrolling.

Currently, UMaine Machias tuition is less than that of UMaine. Will my tuition rate change to the UMaine rate?

Students will be charged rates based on their home institution/campus location: UMaine Machias students will continue to be charged UMaine Machias rates. If a UMaine Machias student enrolls in an UMaine-based class, they will still be charged their home campus rate (in this case, the UMaine Machias rate), rather than the UMaine rate.

If I am enrolled in a UMaine Machias online program as a Maine resident, will I be charged the UMaine Machias tuition rate? What if I am a non-resident online student?

UMaine Machias resident students who are in an all-online program will continue to receive the UMaine Machias resident tuition rate. Non-resident UMaine Machias online students will continue to receive the UMaine Machias e-rate.

I am a UMaine student with Orono as my home campus, what tuition rate will I pay for UMaine Machias online or in-person classes?

If you are a UMaine student at Orono, you will be charged the UMaine tuition rate for all courses, regardless of which campus location the course is associated with.

I am a UMaine Online student being charged the e-rate for tuition. If I take an online course at UMaine Machias, what tuition rate will I be charged?

You will still be charged the UMaine tuition e-rate for your coursework. The location of the class does not impact the tuition rate, only the program, residency, and home campus impact the rate.

How will changing to UMaine impact NEBHE eligible programs at UMaine Machias?

For students who are remaining in their current programs, and with the same home campus location, there will be no change to their NEBHE status. If you are a UMaine Machias-based student in a NEBHE program, you will retain that status. Please note that UMaine Machias and UMaine have different NEBHE-eligible majors. Changing from one campus to another may impact your NEBHE eligibility depending on your major.

Will I have to do anything different with my FAFSA? Will my financial aid change?

The UMaine/UMaine Machias integration process will neither impact how financial aid is awarded and administered nor how you submit your FAFSA to initiate that process with Student Financial Services. Currently both UMaine Machias and UMaine students submit one FAFSA with the 002053 University of Maine school code, and they are awarded financial aid offers based on several factors including the costs associated with the campus they are attending.

This process will continue, unchanged, throughout the integration process.

Will I have to change from the UMaine Machias Core requirements to the UMaine Gen Ed?

UMaine Machias students will continue to follow the existing UMaine Machias Core requirements, which will be listed in the UMaine 2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog under the Machias Core section (link will be provided upon publication of the 2024/25 UMaine Combined Catalog).