General Information:

      Degree-seeking students:

  • All students must apply for completion whether or not they opt to attend the Commencement ceremony.
  • The Application for Completion may be submitted up to one year prior to the actual term of graduation.
  • Applications must be received on or before the February 1st deadline for inclusion in the Commencement Program.
  • When providing a diploma/certificate mailing address, keep in mind that diploma/certificates are mailed approximately two months after the date of graduation.
  • Any student who will graduate during the current year may attend the Commencement Ceremony.  Students graduating in August or December should be sure to apply for the correct graduation date AND indicate “Yes I will attend Commencement” on the Application for Completion.

     Certificate students:

  •      Students completing certificates must apply for completion.

Each student is responsible for knowing and following the policies governing his or her course of study and for fulfilling all academic requirements for the degree sought.  Students should direct questions about academic policies and degree requirements to their academic advisor or to their academic dean or program coordinator.  Refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for Degree/Graduation requirements.  Each college is responsible for verifying that students have completed their degree requirements.  This process occurs within 60 days of the end of the term.


There are three graduations per year with one May commencement ceremony. The deadlines for applying for these graduation dates are as follows:

Graduation Deadline
May February 1st
August* July 15th
December October 1st

* Note:  Students taking May Term/Summer University courses to complete degree requirements will be potential August graduates.
Students apply to graduate using MaineStreet.

Application Process

Students apply for completion using MaineStreet.

1.  In MaineStreet, navigate to the Student Center: Student Self-Service > Student Center. From the “other academic…” drop down list, select Apply for Graduation/Completion.


2.  The application is populated with current college, major and concentration information. The student’s dean’s office should be contacted to make any required changes.  Select the Program name link to initiate  the application.

Grad Apply

3. A student who may be earning a double degree will need to submit the application for both programs. After selecting the first program, use the Select Additional Program button for the double degree application.

Grad Comp Term

4.  Complete the application details as shown below and select Submit. Upon successful submission, a confirmation email will be sent.

Graduation Application


Questions regarding graduation or the application process can be sent

Viewing/Changing the Application

Submitted applications may be reviewed and changed at any time by returning to Apply for Graduation and selecting the View Application link.

Apply Completion

Note:  Multiple applications will be listed if an application has been previously submitted.  Only the most recent one will permit changes.

To change the Expected Graduation Term, use the Look Up icon to search for the new term and select the Change Term button.

Change Term

Diploma Replacement

Students may request a replacement diploma by submitting the Replacement Diploma Request Form.  Each request requires a payment of $25 (checks payable to the University of Maine at Machias). A replacement diploma may be issued for a deceased student with valid documentation of the student’s death (a copy of the obituary, death certificate, or executor of will.) Requests are typically processed within 7 days.