Final Grading Instructions

                                                                                        Important Grading Dates Spring 2021


  • Grade rosters for the Spring 2021 term will be available in MaineStreet beginning May 3, 2021
  • Grades are due one week after the final exam or the last class meeting, and no later than May 21, 2021

All grades must be submitted using MaineStreet. Follow instructions provided below when completing the grade roster. Direct questions or problems to or contact the Registrar’s Office at 207.255.1223.

Entering and Posting Grades                            (Printable MaineStreet Grading Quick Guide pdf)
Changing a Grade After Posting
Uploading Grades from an Existing File
Grading FAQ


Entering and Posting Grades

  1. Sign into the MaineStreet portal at


  1. Select the Faculty Center link from the menu

Faculty Center


  1. Access the grade roster

a.  Verify the correct term is selected and change if necessary using the Change Term and/or Institution button.

b.  Locate the desired class and select the associated Enter Grades button.

Change Term


NOTE:  If grades have been recorded electronically in a spreadsheet such as Excel, the grades may be uploaded using the Upload Grades from File link.  For details on this function, go to Uploading Grades from an Existing File, otherwise continue to next step.


  1. Assign grades for each student

a.  Select the drop-down list in the Grade Roster column that corresponds to each student and select the desired grade.


Upload Grades from File


  1. Change the Approval Status of the grade roster

         NOTE:  Use the Save button to save grades that have been entered.

a.  Once grades for all students have been entered, change the Approval Status to Approved in the drop-down list just above the top of the grade roster. The Post button then appears.


6.  Post the grades

a. To officially submit the grades, select the Post Notice that after posting the grades, the Approval Status field is                  grayed-out and the Request Grade Change button appears on the page.  Any changes required will have to be                    done following the Change a Grade after Posting process.

b. Once grades are posted, students will see the grades and the GPA information is immediately updated.


Request Grade Change

      7. Optional: If desired, download completed grade roster by selecting the Download link located on the right side of                the bar at the top of the roster.



Changing a Grade after Posting

  1. Access the grade roster as indicated in steps 1-3 of Entering and Posting Grades
  1. Select the Request Grade Change button

Request Grade Change

  1. Enter the new grade and reason for the change request

a.  Select the drop-down list in the Official Grade column for the corresponding student and select the new grade.

b.  Provide the reason for the grade change request in the box provided

c.  Select the Submit button

Reason for Grade Change


Uploading Grades from an Existing File

  1. Access the grade roster as indicated above in steps 1-3 of Entering and Posting Grades


  1. Verify format of the file being used for upload

a. To view the requirement of the file format, select the View Sample File Format link

b.  The file must contain only the student ID, including leading zeroes, and grade separated by a comma, semicolon or tab. The easiest method to create a file of the required format is to save it as a Text (Tab delimited, *.txt) or CSV (Comma Delimited, *.csv).

Example:   1231234,A


c.  Remove all other data, as well as any headers, from the file

View Sample File Format

  1. Upload the file with the necessary formatting requirements

a.  Select the Upload Grades from File link

Upload grades from file1


b.  Use the Browse button to locate the file and select the Upload button

                    Browse Upload

  1. Successful upload:

a.  If no grading errors were detected during the upload, a message box displays providing information on how to complete the process

b.  Select the OK button to continue



  1. Errors during upload:

a.  If errors are detected, a message box displays providing instructions to use the View Error Report link to review and correct the errors

                Error Message


b.  Select OK to continue

c.  Select the View Error Report link

                        view Error report


d.  Review the Error Handling Instructions for guidance on resolving issues

e.  To view the data used for the upload, select the Data from Source File tab

                   Data from source file



f.  If necessary, make changes to the input file and upload again

g.  If assistance is required during this process, contact the Registrar’s Office at 207-581-1288

  1. Once upload process is finished and any errors resolved, follow steps 5-7 of Entering and Posting Grades to complete the grading process


Grading FAQ:

Can a grade for a student on the grade roster be left blank?
No. All students must be graded in order for the grade roster to be set to Approved status which then allows posting of the grades.

How do I change a grade that has been posted?
Instructors may change grades for classes in any term using MaineStreet by accessing the grade roster for the appropriate class and selecting the “Request Grade Change” button. See instructions for Changing A Grade After Posting.

A student is not listed on the roster. What should I do?
If a student is taking the course and is not shown on the Grade Roster, please send an email message from your account only, to and include the student’s full name, Student ID, course, section, credits and grade. Grades cannot be accepted via telephone.

A student has not been attending class. What grade should be assigned?
Any registered students who have never attended, or who stopped attending resulting in less than 50% participation without officially dropping, should be considered for the “L” grade. This grade counts the same as an “F.” When prompted during the grade input process, please provide the Last Date of Attendance or indicate if the student never attended. This information is helpful in serving students receiving financial aid and veteran’s benefits.

What does it mean when a student has an “Audit” Grade Basis?
These students have paid tuition at the normal rate for the course and will receive a transcript entry indicating the audit. They are not required to complete assignments or take exams. These students should receive the grade of “AU.” If they have never attended, send notification of this to

Why do I see a “W” grade already assigned to a student?
Students who have officially withdrawn from the University or who withdrew from the course will have a grade (“W” or “F”) in the grade column.