Guidance for faculty and staff

Update July 30

Will faculty and staff be asked to participate in on-campus COVID-19 testing?

In order to prioritize COVID-19 testing for our student population, faculty and staff are asked to contact their healthcare providers to be tested for COVID-19.

Are there signs that I can post in my office and classroom to encourage students and colleagues to follow COVID-19 protocols?

The resources page has print-ready PDFs of UMM COVID-19 protocols and CDC signage.

Will the university provide face coverings required for employees while on campus?

Yes. Two reusable cloth face coverings will be made available to each UMaine and UMM employee on return to campus. Colleges and departments can use the online  COVID-19 Essential Supplies Request Form to order as-needed supplies, such as hand sanitizer, cloth face coverings, disposable surgical face masks, clear hygiene barriers and social distancing floor signs.

Should I wear a face covering while working?

Face coverings must be worn while working unless an employee is alone in their office with the door closed, is eating or drinking, or is outside in a space where they can reasonably expect to be alone. Employees working alone outside should carry a face covering at all times so that it can be applied when needed.

Any other exemptions to this rule must be formally approved by a supervisor.

Should individual employees be using the supplies request form to place PPE orders in order to conduct research and other activities specific to their research groups?

No. The COVID-19 Essential Supplies Request Form was not designed for individuals to order supplies. UMaine’s Emergency Operations Center supply chain was developed to document all supplies directly relate to the COVID 19 mitigation efforts. Depending how a division is organized, unit supervisors or above should be the only ones placing orders. Those orders should also intersect with your Return to Work plan and be based on calculated —not perceived — need. In addition, we cannot acquire items not listed under this process. All other expenditures need to follow regular channels.