What is the schedule for UMaine Machias on-campus COVID-19 testing during winter break, starting Dec. 20?

Vault self-collected COVID-19 saliva test kits will be used throughout the winter break for asymptomatic and symptomatic testing on the UMaine Machias campus. Pick up and drop off your self-collected COVID-19 saliva test kit from the Student Life or Head of Campus offices during normal business hours.

Pre-test Instructions:

  • Use a smartphone for registration and electronic signing of consent and release forms
  • Do not eat any fruit or food products, drink (coffee, tea, soda, milk, and energy drinks), smoke or chew gum 1 hour prior to taking the test.
  • Hydrate well with water up to 30 minutes prior to taking the test

This self-administered test entails providing a 2 ml sample of saliva. No post-test quarantine is required.

The samples are shipped overnight via UPS with a 36- to 72-hour turnaround on reporting. Upon placing your sample into the biohazard bag for shipping, put the sealed biohazard bag into the UPS mailer. Seal the mailer and drop it off at UPS dropbox.

Test results can be sent to your maine.edu email by simply “opting in” to request an emailed result during the electronic registration process.