Can I still withdraw or choose a pass/fail option for my fall courses?

Students enrolled in University of Maine at Machias classes have the option to withdraw from one or more classes without academic penalty (equivalent to a grade of W).

The university’s goal in making these changes is to be as student-centric as possible by offering choices that promote academic integrity and positive learning outcomes.

Students may choose to drop a course and receive a W grade (withdrawal) without academic penalty. Students have until 4 p.m. on the last day of classes to select the late Withdrawal Option. To be clear, this means the following dates:

  • For Regular Semester courses (8/31 – 12/11) the deadline is Dec. 11
  • For Late Start courses (9/28 – 1/ 15) the deadline is Jan. 15
  • For Late Fall Term courses (11/30 – 1/8) the deadline is Jan. 8

To drop a course, complete the add/drop request form and the get required signatures. The UMM Registrar’s Office will accept emails from students as a proof of a signature, but the email MUST be from their email account and it must clearly state that they are asking to drop the course(s) listed on the form.  Make sure you attach the form to the email!

  • Courses dropped will show on the student’s academic record with a grade of W. The grade will not be computed into the semester average as a failing grade.
  • Bottom line: It is costly to pay for courses and drop them, but sometimes you may need to drop a course to reduce stress. You are strongly encouraged to talk with your instructor and academic advisor before you drop any courses.

This policy is for University of Maine at Machias courses only! The University of Maine at Machias is NOT offering a Pass/Fail Option for the Fall 2020 semester. 

If you are taking courses at another UMS campus, you need to check with your instructor to see if that campus has any special considerations in place for this semester.