Student Senate

The UMaine Machias Student Senate consists of elected representatives of the student body. Senators engage with campus staff, faculty and administration to ensure that when ideas or issues come forward, they are properly dealt with, as to benefit everyone. Student Senate meets every Wednesday from 11:00am-12:30pm in Torrey 230.

Executive Board


President: Archie Medina

Year: Sophomore

Major: Education


Vice President: Keely Tibbets

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology & Community Studies


Officer of Financial Affairs: Shawnee Mcnally

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marine Biology


Officer of Club & Organization Affairs: Janette Patterson

Year: Junior

Major: Marine Biology


Secretary: Julian Bauman

Year: Junior

Major: Marine Biology



Senator: Sydnie Della Croce 

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biology


Senator: Tristin Hubisz

Year: Sophomore

Major: Creative Arts


Senator:Pacifique Munyabarame

Year: Junior

Major: Biology

Governing Documents

Below you will find the governing documents of the UMaine Machias Student Senate. The documents are accessible to any UMaine student and represent the official guidelines set forth for governance by the UMaine Machias student body.

UMaine Machias Student Senate Constitution

UMM Student Senate By-Laws

UMaine Machias Student Senate Clubs & Organizations Policies & Procedures

UMaine Machias Student Senate Clubs & Organizations Financial Policies & Procedures

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

Regular Student Senate Meeting Minutes