Greek Life

UMaine Machias offers a variety of Greek Life organizations with various missions including leadership, service, and philanthropy. All Greek organizations are governed by the Greek Council. No matter the mission, you will find a place at UMaine Machias.

Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA)

Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA) International – Sigma Xi Chapter is a chem-free and leadership sorority. Formed in 1994, they strive to influence the community in a positive way through various service projects, including two major philanthropic projects, fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Easter Seals. Internationally, their mascot is a giraffe and their colors are blue and gold. Locally, their mascot is a panther and their colors are purple and white. Their official flower, internationally and locally, is the yellow Jonquil. Their brother organization is Sigma Chi Lambda.

Greek Council

Greek Council represents six of UMaine Machias’ seven Greek organizations. Greek Council facilitates positive Inter-Greek relations on and off campus.

Kappa Alpha Kappa (KAK)

Kappa Alpha Kappa (KAK) is a local sorority founded in September of 1928 at UMaine Machias. They value friendship, sisterhood and service, taking part in organizing and participating in many community and campus based service activities in and around Downeast Maine such as Acadia Cleanup, Relay for Life, and American Red Cross Blood Drives. They also put on raffles to donate money to local and national organizations, like the Next Step and Sarah’s House. Their colors are maroon and gold and their brother fraternity is Psi Delta.

Kappa Mu Alpha (KMA)

Kappa Mu Alpha was founded at UMaine Machias in 1953 and with no national affiliation, it means KMA is unique to only UMaine Machias. Their colors are navy blue and white and their sister organization is Phi Tau Phi. Together, they represent the two oldest Greek organizations on campus. It is the expressed goal of the Kappa Mu Alpha fraternity to promote positive social interaction among the UMaine Machias student body.

Omicron Delta Pi (ODP)

Omicron Delta Pi (ODP) is a co-ed, all-inclusive, human rights and advocacy collegiate fraternity. Their colors are black, pink and silver.

Phi Tau Phi (PTP)

Founded at UMaine Machias in October of 1928, Phi Tau Phi (PTP) is a local sorority promoting purity, honesty, initiative, trustworthiness, ability, understanding, perseverance, happiness, industry, the feeling of belonging, and, most importantly, friendship. Originally, Phi Tau Phi was the athletic sorority on campus, which is why they share UMaine Machias’ colors – green and white. Today, Phi Tau Phi is a social sorority open to all women at UMaine Machias that sponsors fun events and promotes a healthy social environment. Phi Tau Phi’s brother organization is Kappa Mu Alpha.

Psi Delta (PD)

Psi Delta (PD) is a service fraternity and a chapter of the Alpha Delta national service fraternity. Psi Delta is dedicated to doing service for UMaine Machias and the Machias Community and has blue and gold colors. Their sister organization is Kappa Alpha Kappa.

Sigma Chi Lambda (SCL)

Sigma Chi Lambda (SCL) is a local fraternity that was founded in January 1995, and is focused on cultivating and maintaining the high ideals of friendship, justice, and learning through leadership and recreation. Their colors are red and white, and they are brothers to Epsilon Sigma Alpha.

Kappa Delta Phi

Kappa Delta Phi, Eta chapter was founded on December 12, 1931. They are the oldest existing fraternity on campus. As a philanthropic fraternity their brothers actively fundraise for the affiliated charity, Homes For Our Troops, which builds homes for homeless veterans. They are the only Greek organization on campus that is nationally accredited. The members consistently focus on community service and academics as well as the growth and success of their peers.