Outside Scholarships and Resources

Scholarships from private donors are also called Outside/Private Scholarships.  Many of these scholarships are awarded through high school guidance offices, community organizations, or businesses and corporations.

Students are required to report any and all additional resources to the Financial Aid Office.  This includes any outside scholarships you may be receiving. You can report scholarships through your Mainstreet Student Center or you can send a copy of your Outside Scholarship award letter to the Financial Aid Office.  These copies can be faxed, emailed, or brought directly to our office.

Searching for Scholarships

Our office has multiple resources to assist students with their scholarship search.  Remember, when searching and applying for scholarships – NEVER pay to search or apply! Here are some websites we recommend students use to search for scholarships at the state and national level:

Finance Authority of Maine (FAME)        www.famemaine.com
Maine Community Foundation                www.mainecf.org
Senator George J Mitchell Scholarship   www.mitchellinstitute.org
The College Board                                 www.collegeboard.org
FastWEB                                                www.fastweb.com
FinAid                                                    www.finaid.org
Sallie Mae                                              www.salliemae.com