Program Overview

Students in the University of Maine at Machias (UMaine Machias) Nursing Pathway program are admitted into the Liberal Studies Allied Health AA degree program at UMaine Machias and complete two semesters of designated Nursing Pathway courses. These courses consist of foundational science courses and general education courses.  As first-year students enrolled at UMaine Machias, students will be billed at the UMaine Machias tuition rate, considered for UMaine Machias merit scholarships and reviewed for financial aid awards, and enroll in Nursing Pathways courses on the UMaine Machias campus.  To complete the standard two-semester sequence, students must meet the math requirement to enroll in chemistry their first semester.  In the spring of their first year, Nursing Pathway students complete the Nursing Progression form and meet state progression standards in order to move into the UMaine Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program (BSN).


Admission is competitive and space in the program is limited to 30 students. To be considered, students should have taken at least a standard college preparatory curriculum in high school, completed two lab sciences including biology and earned a cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher with grades of B or
better in science, math and English courses. Also considered will be the rigor of the high school coursework, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, work experience, the school recommendation and the essay. SAT and ACT test results are optional.

Mathematics Readiness for the Nursing Pathway program 

To demonstrate mathematics readiness to enroll in chemistry in the first semester, students can do any of the following: present a score of 530 or higher on the SAT math exam or 21 or higher on the ACT math exam, take the UMaine ALEKS math placement test by June 1 and score 45 or higher, or successfully complete a College Algebra course over the summer prior to starting at UMaine Machias in the fall. Students who are not able to meet the mathematics requirement will take MAT 111 College Algebra before transferring to the nursing program in Orono and may have to attend UMaine Machias for an additional semester.

Progression to the UMaine BSN program

Pathway students who have met the progression criteria outlined in the UMaine Machias Nursing Pathway Handbook will submit a progression form in their second semester in preparation for the UMaine Nursing program the following year.

Sample Curriculum

UMaine Machias Coursework (2 Semesters)

Fall Semester – UMaine Machias AA Liberal Studies/Allied Health Courses:

BIO 117 – This is Life: 4 Credits
ENG 101 – English Composition: 3 Credits
CHY 101 – General Chemistry: 4 Credits
UMaine Machias 1st Yr. Seminar: 1 Credit

Total Credits: 12

Spring Semester- UMaine Machias AA Liberal Studies/Allied Health Courses:

BIO 221 – General Microbiology: 4 Credits
PSY 110 – Introduction to Psychology: 3 Credits
SOC 114 – Introduction to Sociology: 3 Credits
Ged Ed: Ethics, Artistic & Creative, or Writing Intensive outside Major

Total Credits: 13

A minimum grade of C- (C for English Composition) is required for UMaine to award transfer credit, Nursing students are expected to meet the School of Nursing standard of a grade of C or better for courses to count toward their Nursing program. To meet progression requirements, students are expected to earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 in BIO 117, CHY 101 and BIO 221. Students who do not meet the Mathematics prerequisite to enroll in Chemistry in their first semester will take College Algebra and may have an additional semester added to the UMaine Machias portion of their program.

UMaine Coursework

UMaine Semester 3 – Fall

NUR 101 – Issues and Opportunities in Nursing: 1 Credit
BIO 208 – Human Anatomy & Physiology: 4 Credits
NUR 102 – Foundations of Nursing Practice I: 1.5 Credits
NUR 106 – Foundations of Nursing Practice I lab: 1 Credit
STS 232 – Principles of Statistical Inference: 3 Credits
FSN 101 – Intro to Food & Nutrition: 3 Credits

Total Credits: 13.5

UMaine Semester 4 – Spring

NUR 103 – Foundations of Nursing Practice II: 3 Credits
CHF 201 – Intro to Child Development: 3 Credits
NUR 303 – Pathophysiology: 3 Credits
NUR 165 – Intro to Care of Older Adults: 1 Credit
NUR 265 – Human Genetics and Genomics: 1 Credit
NUR 365 – Health Care Informatics: 1 Credit

Total Credits: 12

UMaine Semester 5 – Fall

NUR 200 – Care of Adults I: 3 Credits
NUR 201 – Care of Adults I Clinical: 1.5 Credits
NUR 202 – Application of Theory to Nursing Practice I: 1.5 Credits
NUR 300 – Health Assessment: 3 Credits
NUR 308 – Health Assessment Lab: 1 Credit
NUR 310 – Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare: 3 Credits

Total Credits: 13

UMaine Semester 6 – Spring

Gen Ed – Ethics (PHI) (if not taken at UMaine Machias): 3 Credits
NUR 301 – Care of Adults II: 3 Credits
NUR 306 – Care of Adults II Clinical: 2 Credits
NUR 302 – Application of Theory to Nursing Practice II: 1.5 Credits
NUR 316 – Pharmacology (online): 3 Credits
Gen Ed – Writing Intensive outside the major (if not taken at UMaine Machias): 3 Credits

Total Credits: 15.5

UMaine Semester 7 – Fall

NUR 413 – Nursing Care Management of Women, Infants & Families: 3 Credits
NUR 414 – Nursing Care Management of Women, Infants & Families Clinical: 1 Credit
NUR 340 – Psych/Mental Health Nursing: 3 Credits
NUR 341 – Psych/Mental Health Nursing Clinical: 2 Credits
NUR 415 – Sociocultural Issues (online): 3 Credits
Gen Ed – Artistic & Creative (if not taken at UMaine Machias): 3 Credits

Total Credits: 15 

UMaine Semester 8 – Fall

NUR 334 – Care of Adults III: 3 Credits
NUR 335 – Care of Adults III Clinical: 2 Credits
NUR 416 – Nursing Care Management of Children & Families: 3 Credits
NUR 417 – Nursing Care Management of Children and Families Clinical: 1 Credit
NUR 452 – Community & Population Health: 3 Credits
NUR 453 – Community & Population Clinical: 1 Credit

Total Credits: 14

UMaine Semester 9 – Fall

NUR 456 – Professional Nursing Practice through the Lifespan: 3 Credits
NUR 457 – Professional Nursing Practice through the Lifespan (Lab): 1 Credit
NUR 455 – Senior Clinical Practicum: 5 Credits
NUR 447 – Clinical Reflections Seminar: 1 Credit
NUR 444 – Management & Leadership (online): 3 Credits

Total Credits: 13

Additional important details concerning graduation requirements for UMaine’s BSN degree are available in the UMaine Nursing Handbook and the UMaine Undergraduate Academic Catalog both of which are available on the UMaine website.