Library Conduct Policy

The Merrill Library is open to all members of the university community and to members of the general public. Patrons are expected to behave legally, ethically, and responsibly while in the Library. Anyone violating the Library’s Conduct Policy may be asked, or in some cases compelled, to leave. Failure on behalf of students to comply with the Library’s Conduct Policy will result in disciplinary action as specified in the UMS Student Code of Conduct.

Library patrons should endeavor to:

  1. Follow the posted and verbal instructions of library staff and other university employees
  2. Abide by all relevant University policies
  3. Abide by the laws of the state and federal governments
  4. Follow established loan procedures before removing items from the building
  5. Monitor personal belongings and not leave them unattended
  6. Be accompanied by a parent or caregiver if under 15 years old
  7. Respect the privacy and personal property of other patrons and library staff
  8. Maintain proper public attire at all times
  9. Consume liquids from covered, spill-proof containers only
  10. Turn off ringers on cell phones and paging devices and initiate and take calls in the lobby area only

Library patrons should avoid:

  1. Intentionally annoying, harassing or intimidating other patrons or library staff
  2. Creating noise or pursuing activity that interferes with other patrons’ use or enjoyment of the Library
  3. Bringing animals, other than assistance animals, into the Library
  4. Bringing wheeled vehicles, other than assistance vehicles, into the Library
  5. Bringing real or simulated weapons into the Library
  6. Consuming alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs in the Library
  7. Causing damage to any of the Library’s equipment or resources
  8. Petitioning or conducting surveys, distributing goods or written materials, posting signs or announcements, or soliciting other patrons for any reason without previous permission from library staff
  9. Entering or remaining in the Library during the hours it is closed, or entering non-public areas unless accompanied by a library staff member or other university employee


Revised June 22, 2018