Frequently Asked Questions

For Students


Are textbooks for my courses available in the library?

Maybe. If your professor has placed a copy of the textbook on reserve, we have it. There is also a possibility that the textbook is available in our stacks or in the circulating collections of URSUS or MaineCat libraries.

How do I see what’s on reserve for my courses?

Visit the URSUS catalog and click on the Reserves link (link is located below the search box, to the right). Then enter either your professor’s name or the course number or name. If you get no results, then nothing has been put on reserve for that professor or class (or you typed something incorrectly).

Is there any library material I can access from my dorm room/off campus?

Yes, you have access to online databases and electronic journals with millions of full text articles, as well as hundreds of thousands of electronic books. To find ebooks, use the URSUS Advanced Search and limit the Material Type to EBOOK.

How much does it cost to print? To photocopy?

Seven cents per page for photocopies, four cents per page for printing (or three cents if printing double sided – this option is only available when using the Merrill-Center printer). Money for printing/photocopying is automatically deducted from Black Bear Bucks on your University Card.

How do I add funds to my University Card?

You can add Black Bear Bucks to your University Card by following this link. Note that this requires a credit or debit card. The minimum amount that can be added to a card is $5. If you have cash but do not have a credit or debit card, speak to a library staff member.

What are my options for color printing/photocopying?

The Merrill-Center printer is capable of printing/photocopying in color.

Is a scanner available?

Yes. The multi-function photocopier/printer in the library also can act as a scanner which will email you a scan of your document at no charge. Please see library staff if you would like assistance with this!

Is a fax machine available?

No, we do not have a fax machine for student use. Students can try the switchboard in Powers Hall.

How many books/movies/etc. can I check out?

As long as you return items on time there is no real limit.

How long do I get to keep books/movies/etc.?

Our books can be checked out for four weeks. Movies and CDs go out for one week. All items can be renewed one time (assuming no one else has placed a hold on them). Materials from other libraries may have different loan periods and renewal policies. Reserve items can be checked out for either four hour in-library use only, overnight, three days, or one week, depending upon the wishes of the instructor.

Do you charge fines for overdue items?

For most items, no. However, we do charge fines for reserve items (including keys and laptops) that are returned late. If you borrow material from another library and return it late, that library may charge you a fine.

You don’t have the book I want. What are my options?

First, check to see if another URSUS library has the book you want. If one does, use the Request function to have it sent here for you to pick up. If it isn’t found in the URSUS catalog, check other MaineCat libraries and use the Request function. If still no luck, submit an inter-library loan request through ILLiad.

How do I access the 24 Hour Room?

While the library is open you can enter/exit the 24 Hour Room via the double doors inside the library. When the library is closed you must use your University Card to swipe in through the door in the library’s lobby. If your University Card is not allowing you swipe access, please go to the Student Services office in Torrey Hall to have it properly coded.

Are there jobs available at the library?

Yes. Students must have a Federal Work Study award in order to be hired to work at the library. If you qualify and are interested, please stop by and talk with one of the librarians.

How do I contact the librarians?

Emails sent to will go to all library staff.


For Community Members


Can I get a library card?

Yes, Maine residents can get a Courtesy Card to use in the library. We will have you fill out a form and show proof of residency. There is no charge for the card.

Can I use a computer?

Yes, we have two computers available for public use. In addition, members of the Sunrise Senior College are able to log on to student computers. All computer use is governed by the UMMIT Appropriate Use policy.

Is there a wifi network I can use?

Yes, the MaineEDU-Guest network is available for the public to use. When connecting to this network you must first agree to abide by the UMMIT Appropriate Use policy.

Can I print documents or make photocopies?

No. Our printing and photocopying facilities require use of Black Bear Bucks, which are not available to community members. However, there are other venues in the Machias area that offer printing and photocopying services.

How many books/movies/etc. can I check out?

Courtesy Card holders can check out up to three movies at a time, and up to eight items total.

How long do I get to keep books/movies/etc.?

Our books can be checked out for four weeks. Movies and CDs go out for one week. All items can be renewed one time (assuming no one else has placed a hold on them). Materials from other libraries may have different loan periods and renewal policies.

Can I use interlibrary loan?

Courtesy Card holders can place requests for items available at other libraries in the URSUS and MaineCat online catalogs. They may not use ILLiad to request materials from other libraries.

What historical and genealogical resources do you have?

We have hundreds of books on regional history and access to the Ancestry website. We also have a selection of 19th century local newspapers on microfilm.