General memberships 

Primary Individual Perpetual Member: $35/month

Secondary Household Perpetual Member: $15/month

Special Perpetual Member: $25/month. Only available for Military Veterans, Active Military, Active Police, Active Firefighter, and Active EMT’s.

Yearly Membership: $350.00

30 Day Pass: $35

Day Pass: $10/a day

Any adult, 18 years of age or older, who does not have affiliation to the University through other categories, is eligible for a community membership.

Children 5 years of age and under are free to use the facility with an accompanying adult. *Please see Family Policies below for more information about what ages are allowed in specific areas of the facility and what ages must be supervised by an adult.

Additional Family (AKA “Secondary”) Members: Secondary full memberships must be purchased by the Primary member. Acceptable Secondary pass holders include:

  • Spouse / domestic partner as defined by the University of Maine’s health benefits plans. In other words, the primary and secondary adult pass holder must have been in a relationship for at least 6 months and intend to remain so indefinitely, live together, neither one be married to anyone else, share significant financial responsibility for each other, not be related by blood to a degree that would prohibit marriage in the State of Maine, and be jointly responsible for each other’s common welfare.
  • Legal dependents (aged 0–26 and/or declared dependent children) as defined by the University of Maine at Machias. A parent or legal guardian must sign the General Use Liability Waiver for all dependents under 18 years of age, prior to the first use of the facility or programs.

*Please note that the perpetual memberships recur every month and the monthly membership price is charged regardless of whether the member uses the facility or not during that time. Credit card information is stored for perpetual memberships and credit cards will be billed on the 3rd of every month (or the closest business day to the 3rd) for all members listed on an account.

Student memberships

Fall and spring semesters
Anyone enrolled in classes as a full- or part-time student at the University of Maine at Machias is considered a member of the Fitness Center. Class enrollment and a valid, current Clipper Card must be presented to access the facilities.

To use the facilities during the months of June, July and/or August, current UMaine Machias students must be enrolled in summer or fall classes.

Spouses, family members and dependents
Spouses, family members and/or dependents of current UMaine Machias students must purchase a regular community membership or enter as a paid guest of the student/member ($10 per day pass).

Faculty/staff memberships

Fitness Center memberships are available for all UMaine Machias employees, as well as members of their household (spouses or domestic partners, and dependents) at no charge.

Included are access to the Fitness Center, the basketball court, the weight room, the racketball court, the swimming pool, and all fitness classes during regular operating hours. (The fee for personal training, special programs, and swim lessons remain in effect.)

Faculty and staff of the University of Maine at Machias must complete a liability form and membership application form.

Family Policies

Our family policy encourages patrons to bring children to use the Murdock Fitness & Aquatics and Reynolds Center for drop-in recreational use any time these facilities are open.  A parent or legal guardian must sign a liability waiver for all children under 18 years of age prior to the first use of the facility or programs.

Special policies related to children are in place.  See below.

  • Children aged 0-13 must have direct and hands-on parental or parental-approved 18+ year old guardian supervision at all times.
  • Children aged 0-4 may be brought into the opposite gender locker room. If you are bringing a child with you who is of the opposite gender and 5+ years old, please use the Family/Assisted locker room located in the pool access hallway.
  • Age 0-5 years: For health and safety reasons, children of these ages are not permitted at any time in the weight areas, cardio area.
  • Age 6-11 years: For health and safety reasons, are not permitted in weight or cardio areas. Exception: Children of this age who are enrolled in fitness programs are permitted in all areas while under direct supervision of our fitness staff.
  • Age 12-13 years: With proper direct supervision, children of this age are permitted in all areas. For safety reasons, they may not supervise other children.
  • Age 14 -17 years: Youth in this age range are permitted in all areas without supervision.