Transfer Tools

Transfer Guides – Use this guide to view program requirements at one of the UMS institutions and explore the courses currently available. If you are currently enrolled at any institution in Maine and planning to transfer to a UMS campus in the future, this is a great tool to help you with your current course selection process.

Evaluate Current Credit Portal  – With this tool, enter the courses you have completed at another college or university and see how they may transfer at any UMS institution. The collection of credit may be saved to see how course requirements are satisfied for many different majors.  You may return as often as you like to record additional coursework, consider different majors or even explore options on a different UMS campus.

Course-by-Course Equivalency Chart – Use this tool in MaineStreet to see a full list of how courses from one institution transfer to another on a course-for-course basis.

Transfer Equivalencies of UMM Early College Courses to the other UMaine System Universities