1. Who pays the tuition?
  2. What if I pay tuition to go to my high school?
  3. Will I be billed for anything?
  4. What is the Early College tuition rate?
  5.  I am a Native American student.  How do I use my waiver?

1. For Maine students attending publicly funded high schools and registered home schools, the University of Maine at Machias will discount tuition by approximately 50% for twelve (12) credit hours per academic year and will cover the cost of University-wide fees. The Maine Legislature’s Aspirations Program, through the Maine Department of Education, covers the remaining tuition up to twelve (12) credit hours per year for students enrolled in the Early College program.

However, a student enrolling in more than twelve (12) credits per year will be able to take courses and pay the cost of each additional credit at the discounted Early College rate of $138.25 per credit. For example, if you take five (5) courses that total (13) credit hours, you will be responsible for paying for (1) credit hour.

2. Students who attend private schools, pay tuition to attend any school in Maine, or are international students in Maine schools are able to take courses but will be charged our discounted Early College rate of $138.25 per credit hour.

3. You will receive a bill when you take more than the allowed number of credit hours in an academic year. You may be billed for fees associated with a course that requires course-specific materials or electronic textbooks. Textbooks are the responsibility of the student. The bill is mailed to the address noted on your application. If you have questions about a bill please contact us first, we may be able to remedy the issue for you.

4. For the academic year 20-21, the Early College rate is $138.25. The current undergraduate rate is $245 per credit for in-state and Canadian students and $490 per credit for international students.

5.  For Native American students wishing to take more than 12 credits or who need assistance with course fees and textbooks, please review the Native American Waiver Process and contact John Bear Mitchell with any questions.