IT at UMaine Machias

The IT Support Center provides technology support to students, faculty, and staff at the University of Maine at Machias. The center is a vital resource for students, offering online account troubleshooting, software support and repair services. The IT Center is located on the first floor of Torrey Hall. For assistance, contact or chat with an IT specialist at

IT Support Center Services 

  • UMS account services, including your email, MaineStreet, and Brightspace. 
  • WIFI connection on campus 
  • Print from anywhere 
  • Virus protection 
  • Software support for Windows and Mac OSX
  • Basic computer help 
  • Equipment loans (headphones, recorders, etc.)

UMaine Machias Student Account Access (The Big Two)

  • My Campus Portal provides quick access to University of Maine services.  To access My Campus Portal go to and use your UMaine Machias credentials to login to the portal.
  • MaineStreet is the central hub of your academic career. Go to and use your UMaine Machias credentials to login. This can also be accessed through the UMaine Machias Portal LaunchPad as a quick link.

UMS Account Privacy 

The University of Maine only provides information regarding your account to you, the account holder.  If you would like to provide your parents/guardian with the ability to view your financial information, bills, and grades, you will need to complete and sign the Student Consent to Release Information Form

Password Security 

There are a few guidelines to creating a strong password for your UMS Account:

  • Has 12 characters minimum
  • Includes numbers, symbols, capital letters, and lower-case letters
  • Passwords will expire 180 days after being set. You will be notified multiple times via email of the upcoming expiration before the password expires.

Be careful when changing your password! A common practice by hackers is posing as local IT service employees and requesting password changes or confirmation of credentials. This is a ploy to gain access to your account, and is called Phishing. Here’s how you can distinguish between a legitimate password expiration notification and a Phishing attempt through UMaine:

  • We will never ask for your password
  • Password expiration emails will always come from
  • We will not send a direct link to the password change page
  • The password change utility will always be on a URL

Get Connected 

  • Tempest: network that allows registered users to connect to the UMaine Machias campus WIFI. 
  • EDURoam: network that allows registered users to connect to the internet internationally where EDURoam is available. 

Software Available for Students 

  • Microsoft Office 365 Suite