Study Center

The UMM Study Center is located on the second floor of Torrey Hall, Room 225. It is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. It is available for individual and group study with conversation welcome.

The area is separated in three sections: There is a comfortable area for relaxed discussion with a couch, 2 chairs, a TV with a VCR and DVD player. A whiteboard is also available in this area for your use.  In the middle of the study center we have a round table with a movable whiteboard to accommodate round table discussions. This is always nice when students want to share information in a group setting. Also in the study center are two different areas where there are rectangular tables that seat 6 each. Both areas have whiteboards and in one area there is an acoustic wall divider to make the area a little more private. All areas have comfortable seating with the opportunity for small and large group meetings.


The Study Center has:

  • 3-wall-mounted and  1- rolling whiteboard available for student use
  • four public UMM computers
  • a student-accessible printer ($0.04/page charged to Clipper Card)
  • UMM phone access [255-1397]
  • Reference and textbooks
  • Wi Fi access
  • A free recharging station for mobile devices (located at the end of the snack bar)
  • Wall outlets with USB ports
  • A snack bar with a Keurig machine for those who wish to brew their coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. There are occasional snacks (chips, snack bars, popcorn, etc.)
  • Some study aids that may be signed out and borrowed:
    • “wobble” chair cushions for people with back problems or ADHD
    • Noise-reducing headphones
    • Irlen color overlays for people with Scotopic Sensitivity reading issues [we are also able to screen for this condition, by appointment]

The Study Center is also home base for the UMM Student Tutor Program. There is no fee for tutor services, and tutoring is a paid position under both Federal Work Study as well as through Departmental funds. If you are interested in becoming a Student Tutor, please contact the Study Center Office. The phone number is 255-1232, or you can email the Coordinator, Lori McBrine at The Study Center office is located in room 225B (behind the study center). Stop by and pick up an application and join our team! We would love to put you to work earning not only a little cash, but also an opportunity to learn many transferrable skills that can follow you throughout your future career.

Maybe you need a tutor! Some course instructors will have made arrangements for Student Tutors to be available for students in need of some additional support, so check with your professor. In fact, it is always a good idea to let your professor know if you don’t feel you are “getting” the class the way you should or want to. Professors are in contact with us throughout the semester placing tutors within our program. So, check us out to see if tutors are available for your course!

Another service we have available to students: If you think you are having problems learning, and don’t know what ways you learn best, contact us to make an appointment to investigate strategies that might help you learn. We all learn in different and unique ways, so if you don’t know what way works best for you, get in touch, we will find the answer!