SI for Students

Benefits to Students Who Attend SI and Embedded Tutor Sessions

SI Program data show big benefits to students who attend peer-assisted learning sessions regularly.

  • Since the program began in 2015, data have repeatedly shown that students who attend more than 6 sessions in a semester earn, on average, a half letter grade higher than students who choose not to attend SI sessions for the same course.

Feedback from students who take these courses is also highly positive.

  • Students say they enjoy the peer-based group study environment and that the strategies they learn in sessions are useful in other courses.
  • They leave sessions feeling more confident in the course material and their own abilities.

Just a few of the positive comments from students:

  • “It taught me how to learn better.”  
  • “It’s a big study group with fun ways to learn so you don’t have to work alone.”  
  • “I could see the difference in my grade.”


*Students should not use SI as their only study time outside of class.  Also they will get much better results if they do some studying before coming to the SI session.  Remember, it is recommended that students study 2-3 hours per credit per week.  SI is a highly effective and efficient way to meet some of that study time because it targets the most important and most difficult material!