Motor Pool Vehicle Use Policy

PAGE: 503
DATE: 94,04/010
Section: Motor Pool Vehicle Use Policy

All requests for Motor Pool vehicle use are to be through an approved travel authorization form. the completed form is to be presented to the Physical Plant Office through the Business Office, to reserve the vehicle. A phone call can reserve a vehicle but vehicle keys cannot be issued until the completed travel authorization is in the Physical Plant Office.
Non-university equipment, such as car top racks and trailers, are not to be used with UMM vehicles; nor are private boats or canoes to be transported.
First priority for reservation of all vehicles in the motor pool is for the intercollegiate athletic program, based on the schedule as approved each August. All other usage will be on a first-request basis. Supervisory and class requests should be submitted as far in advance as possible, and be specific as to actual usage. If a reserved vehicle is not to be used, the Physical Plant must be notified 48 hours in advance to avoid the per diem charge.
All out-of-state travel must be authorized by the President.
No vehicle with University plates may be kept overnight at the home of a University employee, even when an early-morning trip is planned.
User Organizations will be responsible to pay for damages to the vehicle other than those damages normally covered by University vehicle insurance.
A four-wheel drive pick up truck is intended for limited, specialized use only. Specifically, Science/Math and Recreation Management field trips. Use of this vehicle for purposes other than the above is subject to Presidential approval.
The guidelines for Student Activity use of vehicles is as follows:
Student organizations that are duly approved by the President of UMM may be allowed the use of UMM vehicles according to the following guidelines:

  • The activity must be open to all UMM students, and be sponsored by an organization eligible for funding through the Student Activity Fee.
  • Organization will be charged the campus approved rate per mile. Charges will be determined by the Physical Plant Office from recorded mileage in accordance with present motor pool procedures.
  • Student organizations other than those sponsored through Student Activity Funding may occasionally request use of UMM vehicles but such requests will require individual consideration by the Dean of Student Affairs.
  • Students must obtain the usual approval for student organizational functions through the Coordinator of Student Activities’ office, and submit a Request for Travel Authorization Form to be approved by the faculty advisor and the Dean of Student Affairs.
  • Student groups must be accompanied by an advisor or a designated member of the faculty or staff when traveling in University vehicles outside of the Machias area. Students may operate the vehicles as long as they are accompanied by the advisor or designee. If more than one vehicle is necessary to transport a student group, all vehicles must follow each other and the advisor or designee will ride in the last vehicle. A travel authorization must be filled out for the operator of each vehicle. In addition, a list of the passengers for each vehicle must be attached to the travel authorization.
  • Drivers must be approved by the advisor of the organization and the administration.
  • No one under 18 years of age is permitted to drive a UMM vehicle.

SPECIAL NOTE regarding van and truck use:

  • Drivers under the age of 21 are not permitted to drive vehicles which are transporting more than 6 passengers, including the driver.
  • All drivers of motor pool vans or trucks must be pre-approved prior to vehicle keys being issued. This pre-approval can be obtained through the Physical Plant Office. If testing is necessary, a 48-hour notice is required.

IMPORTANT – University policy encourages seat belt use and prohibits more occupants in a vehicle than the number of functioning seat belts.