Key Policy

PAGE: 502
Section: Key Policy
DATE: 92,05/01

Building keys normally are issued to regular or full-time University employees only. All requests for keyed access to building areas should be made to the Physical Plant office by means of a Key Request Form that can be picked up in the Physical Facilities Office, the President’s Office, either of the Vice Presidents’ Offices, or the Faculty Office in Kimball Hall. The form must be signed by the immediate supervisor of the person applying for the key and by either the President, one of the Vice Presidents, the Chief Financial Officer, or the Director of Physical Facilities in order to be processed.
On approval, keys will be cut and recorded on the Key Request Form and in the Physical Facilities Office and may be picked up in that office. The Key Request Form has three parts. The original copy stays with the Physical Facilities Office, one is returned to the Supervisor, and one is given to the person picking up the keys at that time.
Building keys issued to students, other than residence hall keys, must have the additional approval of the Vice President of Student Affairs.
Only one key to any given door will be issued to an individual. The transfer of keys between individuals or departments and the private copying of any key is not allowed.
Once issued, any key may be replaced when worn or broken by presenting the original key to the Physical Facilities Office.
Loss of any key(s) must be reported to the Physical Facilities Office immediately. Any key lost will be replaced at a cost of $10.00 per key.
The key user shall be responsible for returning keys when they are no longer required or due to a change in assignment or when leaving University employment. All keys must be returned to the Physical Facilities Office.