Athletic Facilities

PAGE: 500
DATE: 03/91, Revised 01/26/00
SECTION: Athletic Facilities

All currently enrolled UMM students and Fitness Center members may use Fitness Center/Reynolds enter facilities during operating hours. These facilities include the fitness room, pool, gym, lower gym, and handball courts. UMM staff and faculty must be Fitness Center members in order to use facilities except for special events such as intramurals or Fitness Center “FREE” days. UMM staff and faculty receive a 15% discount off community membership prices, as pat of UMM’s Wellness Plan.
Check In
All patrons, including students, using Fitness Center/Reynolds Center facilities must present their current I.D. cards and sign in at the Fitness Center check-in desk.
Facility Reservations
All Fitness Center facilities may be reserved through the Fitness Center office which is open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Facility Use During Scheduled Activities
Scheduled Fitness Center hours, classes, athletic events, intramurals, and pre-scheduled special events have priority over other types of use in the Fitness Center/Reynolds Center. Schedules and special notices will be posted at the Fitness Center front desk to inform users.
Equipment checkout is available at the front desk during Fitness Center operating hours. Patrons must present a valid UMM Student ID or Fitness Center ID in order to checkout equipment. The borrowing party is responsible for repair and replacement costs for any and all damage done to equipment. Fitness Center front desk must place a paper clip on the borrowing party’s card to indicate that he/she has checked out an item. Equipment is for use in the building only.
Accident Policy
Do not move the injured person until the seriousness of the injury has been determined. Inform the Fitness Center building manager immediately.
Important Numbers:
Hospital Emergency Room 255-3356
Ambulance 255-3535
Remember to complete an Accident Report after accident to turn in to the Fitness Center Director. See Appendix G.
Gym Clothing and Sneakers
Appropriate gym attire is required. This includes clean, white-soled shoes, which have not been worn in the outdoors. Black-soled sneakers and outdoor running shoes are prohibited on the gym and racquetball floors.
Locks and lockers are available. Visit the Fitness Center Office Monday-Friday to register.
Costs: UMM Student/Staff/Faculty Free
Fitness Center Members:
Large Lockers $5 per month
Small Lockers $10 per year
Smoking/Alcoholic Beverages
Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages is absolutely prohibited anywhere in the Fitness Center facility. This includes special events for which the gym is signed out – i.e. tournaments, classes.
Visitors Policy
Guest passes are available through the Fitness Center office and front desk.
Please park on the sides of the gym or in the front parking lot. Parking in front of the building, doors, or in the handicap parking spaces is prohibited. Permits are available at the Fitness Center Office. Fitness Center employees are encouraged to park at the back of the building.
Activities such as roller-skating, skateboarding, bicycling, or other activities that may cause building damage or injury is prohibited. When in doubt – ask!!!