Waiver Request of an Academic, Core, or Program Requirement

PAGE: 427
Section: Waiver Request of an Academic, Core, or Program Requirement
DATE: 86, Revised 03/14/01

A waiver is considered to be a complete elimination of any academic requirement, Core curriculum or program requirement, without any type of replacement. Waivers are granted rarely and usually is cases when the University has caused a situation to exist whereby a student cannot meet a requirement; e.g. improper advising, course not being offered, etc., and/or in a case of incapacity of the student.
The waiving of any requirement does not change the total number of credits needed for graduation.
Students seeking a waiver of any academic requirement (Core or program) must follow the procedure outlined below:

  • Prepare a written request clearly stating the reasons for the waiver and clearly requesting a waiver.
  • Submit the waiver request through their academic advisor to the Division, or duly appointed Division representative(s) for division review and recommendation (either favorable or unfavorable). (Division may seek any additional information needed to evaluate request).
  • Division Chair will submit request with Division recommendation to the Faculty as a whole.
  • The Faculty as whole will take action to grant or deny request.
  • Requests granted by the Faculty will be referred to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for review and recommendation to the President for final action.

Final authority for granting any waiver rests with the President. The President will notify, in writing, all parties involved in the process of the final action taken on any waiver request.