Program Review and Assessment

Policy & Procedure Manual
DATE: 87, 90, 04/01, 11/09

SUBJECT: Program Review and Assessment

Academic Program Review
Procedures for academic program review are to be established by each campus of the University of Maine System in accord with the following:

  • All academic degree programs are to be reviewed within an established time frame not to exceed ten years. The schedule of academic program reviews is to be revised biennially in concert with the review and revision of the campus operational plan of which it becomes a part. Academic program review schedules are to be submitted to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and deviations from these review schedules must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  • At a minimum the program review process on each campus shall involve (a) a self-study by the unit being reviewed, (b) a review by external reviewers that includes a site visit, and (c) a final report by the campus, endorsed by the President, that includes a set of recommendations for future action and budget implications based on the self-study and the external review. The self-study, the external review, and the final report should discuss the relation of the program to the campus mission and whenever possible, the review should refer back to the original Program Proposal. Professional accreditation processes may substitute for appropriate components of this section.
  • The final report, external review, and self-study will be submitted to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs by July 30 in the year the review is conducted. These documents will kept on file in the Chancellor’s Office where they can be reviewed by members of the Board of Trustees
  • Program reviews carried out during the previous two years shall become a part of the biennial review and revision of the campus operational plan and the recommendations emanating from the review should be taken into consideration in the development of the biennial budget request.
  • Funding for external reviews will be provided through a special fund in the budget of the University of Maine System.

Program review content, steps, and timeline may be accessed by clicking here.
Program and General Education Assessment
The University faculty engage in ongoing assessment of program and general education student learning outcomes. The results of these assessments shape improvements to the structure and content of the curriculum and pedagogy. The data generated through these assessments of learning outcomes are used solely for those purposes, and are not used for instructor evaluations or other non-related functions.