Final Examination Policy

PAGE: 415
Section: Final Examination Policy
DATE: 11/85,12/98

The decision as to whether or not a final examination will be required of any or all registrants for a given course will be left strictly to the discretion of the instructor of that course. When a final exam is deemed necessary as a teaching and/or evaluative tool by an instructor, the examination should be given during the scheduled final examination period.
No examinations (or testing of any kind) may be given during the last full week of classes unless:

  • the evaluation process continues during the scheduled final exam period, or
  • a final exam is given during the scheduled final exam period.

A student is entitled to a course syllabus at the first meeting of each course and a copy is to be filed in the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs prior to the second week of the course. The course syllabus should clearly state whether there is to be a final examination in that course and its value in the final grade.
If a final examination or major test is to be given, it is to be given during the final examination period.