Canceling of Classes/Work in the Event of Extreme Inclement Weather Conditions

PAGE: 405
DATE: 1/94
Section: Canceling of Classes/Work in the Event of Extreme Inclement Weather Conditions

One of the difficult decisions for a University to make is when to close due to inclement weather conditions.
Weather conditions vary widely throughout a region as large as Washington County. Some areas may be icy and snow covered while other nearby areas are free of ice and snow.
As a general Policy UMM will make every effort to keep classes/offices open – no matter what the weather conditions. Only when very extreme weather conditions exist over a broad area of the region will the University be closed.
Students/faculty/staff must use their own best judgement as to whether inclement weather conditions prevent them from attending classes/work. Students/faculty/staff should not knowingly jeopardize their safety to travel on dangerous and unsafe roads or to travel when it is not advised by the state police. Conversely, they should not use the weather as an excuse to avoid travel to the University when actual weather and road conditions do not prevent safe travel.
If the University is open and a faculty/staff member is unable to attend work because of inclement weather – it is that member’s responsibility to notify his/her supervisor/division head. It is the responsibility of the supervisor/division head to cover the vacancy. An arrangement should have been made by each faculty/staff member prior to this event.
If a student is unable to attend class, the instructor(s) for classes missed should be notified as soon as possible. Faculty should accommodate student who are absent due to inclement weather conditions.
If it appears that extreme weather conditions exist over a broad area of the region – the following actions will be taken:
Prior to UMM Opening in the Morning:
The decision to cancel or delay the start of day classes and work at UMM will be based in part upon reports from weather bureaus, the Maine Department of Transportation, the Maine State Police, and physical plant personnel who have traveled to work during the early morning hours. After conversing with key staff members, the President will make the final determination whether UMM classes/work will or will not be cancelled.
This decision normally will be made by 6:00 a.m., and by 6:15 a.m. the following radio and television stations will have been asked to announce that day classes and/or work at UMM have been cancelled or delayed.
WQDY (92.7/1230 AM) – Calais
WDEA (1370 AM) – Ellsworth
WKSQ (94.5 FM) – Ellsworth
WLKE (99.1 FM) – Ellsworth
WLBZ TV Channel 2, Storm Center – Bangor
Cancellation of Evening Classes:
The decision to cancel evening classes will normally be made by 1:00 p.m., and by 1:15 p.m., the above-listed stations will have been notified and asked to announce that all UMM classes will be canceled for that evening. The campus switchboard will also be notified.
REMEMBER: If classes and work are not officially canceled and the personal judgement of a student, faculty or staff member is such that weather conditions prohibit an individual faculty, student or staff member from coming to the campus, that individual must assume personal responsibility for completing class obligations (students and faculty), or by taking annual leave (professional and classified employees).