The Trustee Professorship Program

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DATE: 03/99 Rev: 09/05
Section: The Trustee Professorship Program
Board of Trustees

The purpose of the Trustee Professorship Program at the University of Maine at Machias is to recognize outstanding faculty members and to provide support for them to undertake research or faculty development projects not feasible within their normal workload of teaching, research, and public service responsibilities.
The Trustee Professorship project should fit within one or more of the following categories:

  • The project will have broad and/or significant institutional impact.
  • The project will contribute significantly to the candidate’s academic field of study/research/inquiry/creativity and/or to the quality of teaching in that field.
  • The project will contribute significantly to the public service mission of the university through its impact on the broader community.
  • The project will support the candidate’s personal and professional growth in significant ways in recognition of previous outstanding service and achievement, and future promise.

The candidate must have already completed at least three years of service. (The faculty member may be nominated during his/her third year of service to receive the award during his/her fourth year.)
The Trustee Professorship will generally be awarded for a period of one year. Applicants may, however, propose a multi-year award for a period of up to four years in length. In the case of a multi-year award, additional awards to other faculty members will not be granted during the second and subsequent years.
In the case of applications more than one year, the Professional Relations Committee may negotiate the length of the term with the applicant.
The Professorship is not renewable at the end of its term, and a second Professorship will not be awarded to the same individual.
Release Time Options
Trustee Professors may select one semester of full-time release at full salary or two consecutive semesters of full-time release at half salary to work on their projects. Other possibilities are available upon negotiation with the administration. Part-time teaching is permitted.
Responsibilities and Conditions
Candidates for the Trustee Professorship will agree to share the results of their research or creative work as stated in their proposal. Possibilities include presenting the research or creative project to interested persons, giving a public lecture or course on the topic, or being available for colloquia or lectures on other campuses.
Upon completion of the Trustee Professorship, the faculty member will file a brief written report with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and, if appropriate, the Merrill Library.
The Trustee Professor will be expected to return to UMM faculty service for at least one year following the Trustee Professorship.
Individuals may apply for a Trustee Professorship, or they may be nominated by someone else. Applications are forwarded to the Professional Relations Committee, and in the case of nominations, the Professional Relations Committee may invite the nominated individuals to make formal application.
Application Process
Candidates for the UMM Trustee Professorship will provide the Professional Relations Committee with a current curriculum vitae, a detailed description of the proposed project with budget, and letters of support.
Expense Monies
As UMM faculty members prepare their applications for the Trustee Professorship, they should discuss with their division chair the impact that their absence would have on students, course offerings, and the divisional budget (if a replacement would be needed to cover courses an instructor would not be able to teach). The faculty member’s application should include a budget for the expenditure of any funds not reserved to cover the cost of the faculty member’s leave from regular duties.
The expenses must be itemized in the budget submitted as part of the application. All expenses must be directly related to the proposed project. Specific budget items may include, but are not limited to, travel and lodging; equipment, supplies, and software; student and other assistants; and publishing costs.
Review Committee
The Professional Relations Committee will act as the review committee, and will be free to seek additional information by contacting sources that it deems appropriate to making its decisions. Typically, one Trustee Professorship will be available each year.
Time Line

  • In September, the Committee will invite applications that are due in mid November.
  • The Committee will recommend a candidate to the VPAA in mid December and the VPAA will recommend to the President.
  • The President will forward the recommendation to the Chancellor’s Office.
  • The Chancellor will make the final decision.
  • The President will announce the Trustee Professorship.