Promotion and Tenure Application Timetable

DATE: 7/93
Section: Promotion & Tenure Application Timetable

September 15* Unit (faculty) members who wish to be considered for tenure and/or promotion prior to their sixth year of service submit requests in writing to the Division Chair with copy to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Full-time faculty members entering their sixth year of service must be considered for tenure. (The UMS outline to be followed by faculty members when developing their application materials for review by the Board of Trustees is available in the VPAA’s Office.)
September 25* Division Chair will approve the peer committee membership and inform the peer committee of the faculty member’s eligibility or request for promotion and tenure.
October 16 Full application from candidate due to the Chair of his/her Peer Committee.
November 10* Peer Committee forwards its recommendation to the candidate with copy to Division Chair.
November 17 Candidate may make written response to the Peer Committee’s recommendation with copy to the Division Chair.
November 24 The Division Chair forwards all materials along with his/her recommendation to the Professional Relations Committee with copy of recommendation to the candidate.
December 18 Professional Relations Committee’s recommendation and all application materials due to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
January 21 Vice President forwards application materials and his/her recommendation to the President.
February 28* The President notifies the faculty member of his/her decision (promotion) or his/her recommendation (tenure) to the Board of Trustees. The letter of transmittal, and all requested materials relating to tenure nominations are due in the Chancellor’s office.
March 21 The Board of Trustees acts on tenure nominations. Informal notice of Board action is usually made by telephone to the faculty member through the President’s Office and followed by a formal letter of notification.
*Contractual Deadlines (current AFUM Agreement, Article 9.)