Buswell Academic Enhancement Award

Policy & Procedures Manual
Revised: 7/99

Subject: Buswell Academic Enhancement Award

The Arthur S. and Frances A. Buswell Academic Enhancement Award
Award Guidelines
Intent of Award:

  • Awards shall be used to enhance instruction through the provision of visiting lecturers, laboratory equipment, computer software, field trips, library materials, visual aids, etc. that directly involve the students in the class.


  • Awards shall not be used by faculty members to further their own education, attend conferences, publish papers, etc.


  • Faculty members who teach in the baccalaureate or associate degree programs at the University of Maine at Machias are eligible to apply.


  • No faculty member shall receive the award two years in a row.

Selection Criteria:

  • Direct value to the students in the course.


  • Lack of other funds to accomplish the enhancement.


  • Good return for dollars invested.

Application Guidelines:

  • Applicants should indicate the breadth of the potential impact of the proposed enhancement in terms of the number of students who would be served, possible use by other colleagues and their students, collaborative efforts with colleagues, etc.


  • The academic enhancement requested should be one that makes sense on a one-time basis. Since the award represents one-time monies, it should not be used to launch an initiative that requires sustained support.


  • The applicant(s) should discuss in specific terms the intended outcome(s) of the enhancement and how that outcome would be achieved.


  • The proposal should be well researched and well thought out from both the collegial and the technological perspective.


  • The application should include a specific budget proposal.


  • By March 1 each year, faculty members will be notified of the availability of the award.


  • Proposals are to be submitted in a sealed envelope directly to the President of the University of Maine at Machias by: ___________________.


  • Proposals should be forwarded to the Chair of the Selection Committee by April 1.


  • Proposals will be considered by a committee consisting of the University of Maine System Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or his/her designee as chair; the Vice President/Dean of Academic Affairs at one of the following:  University of Maine at Augusta, University of Maine at Farmington, University of Maine at Fort Kent, University of Maine at Presque Isle, as selected by the Vice Chancellor; and the President of the Faculty Senate at the University of Maine at Machias (who shall not be eligible to receive the award).


  • The award will be presented annually at the University of Maine at Machias commencement or a similarly appropriate public ceremony designated specifically for presenting awards.