Student Participation in UMM Committees


Policy & Procedures Manual


DATE: /85, 06/00, /01

SUBJECT: Student Participation on UMM Committees

Student Participation on Committees:
Students serve on the following standing faculty committees: Academic Affairs Committee and Curriculum Committee.
Student members on the Academic Affairs Committee and the Curriculum Committee are named by the Student Senate each September to serve a one-year term.
Procedures for Selecting Student Representatives:                                                                        
The Student Senate shall make the student representative selection. There shall be one student each for the Academic Affairs and the Curriculum Committees.
Student Representatives’ Responsibilities:
All students shall be notified when the meetings will be held.
The students on the Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committees will be voting members of the respective committees.
The student representatives shall not miss any classes to go to the meetings.
Each committee will accept the student representative appointed to their committee.
Student committee members must attend all meetings unless they have a valid excuse approved by the Student Senate. If they miss two meetings with unexcused absences they will be replaced.
The student representatives will take all ideas of the Student Senate back to the faculty committees.
The faculty will be responsible for getting a copy of meeting agendas and minutes to the student representative. The student representatives will then present these with their own views to either appropriate Student Senate committees or the Student Senate itself.
Student Reporters at Committee Meetings:
Student reporters may cover Faculty, Academic Affairs, and Curriculum Committee meetings. The general Faculty Meetings are open meetings unless the meeting is declared to be in executive session.