Vice President for Academic Affairs and Head of Campus

Policy & Procedure Manual
DATE: 2/93, 02/06, 07/17
SUBJECT: Vice President for Academic Affairs and Head of Campus


I: Primary Purpose of the Position:


The VPAA/HoC is the chief academic officer and reports to the President and is responsible for overseeing and providing leadership in academic affairs, and handling duties as assigned by the President.  Responsibilities of the position are generally categorized as follows:


II: Essential Duties:



A. Assists in creating an intellectual climate while maintaining an atmosphere of mutual trust and enthusiasm in the University community, and promotes a collegial spirit.

B. Fosters and encourages new and effective instructional approaches to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

C. Makes faculty assignments for all credit courses with the cooperation of Division Chairs and the Registrar as outlined in the AFUM Agreement and the UMM Faculty Handbook.

D. Oversees the process of student evaluation of courses and faculty members according to the procedures outlined in the AFUM Agreement and the UMM Faculty Handbook.

E. Evaluates faculty and makes recommendations to the President on matters of faculty appointments and reappointments, leaves, promotions, tenure, and salaries, consistent with procedures outlined in the AFUM Agreement and the UMM Faculty Handbook.

F: Develops and promotes a plan for faculty and professional staff development, within the academic affairs area of responsibility.

G.Assists Division Chairs and others reporting to the Vice President in the development of leadership in management roles.

H. Develops and implements an orientation program for new faculty.

I. Encourages the presence and acceptance of diversity on campus and supports campus activities that promote the principles found in UMM’s Diversity Policy.

J. Carries primary responsibility for the planning, implementation, and assessment of NECHE accreditation-related activities.

K. Promotes planning and implementation of campus-wide academic assessment activities.

L. Serves as the Chief Administrative Officer in the absence of the President.



A. Works with academic committees to initiate and review course proposals and other academic matters.

B. Works with faculty to revise and update the curriculum and plan, implement, and evaluate programs.

C. Is responsible for and supervises some academic matters that do not fall within established divisional responsibilities.



A. Generates and recommends policy in all academic areas.

B. Establishes and enforces academic standards.

C. Sets criteria for honors and publishes Dean’s List each semester.

D. Works with faculty and the Director of Student Life to ensure an effective academic advising program and assists in addressing other needs of all students.



A. The VPAA/HoC is directly responsible for, and supports the functions of the following areas:

1. Registrar’s Office

2. Library

3. Writing and Tutoring Center

4. Early College Program

5. Information Technology Office

6. Distance Education

7. Student Resources Office

8. Conferences and Institutes / Special Programs

9. Other offices assigned to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Head of Campus

B. Assures dialogue between faculty and the offices of Student Life and Admissions to ensure the effectiveness of new student orientation and testing student advising, and placement of students in academic programs.

C. Assists the academic community in introducing and using technology in teaching and learning.



A. Oversees the preparation and monitoring of annual budgets in all areas of responsibility.

B. Oversees the implementation and assessment of strategic planning in all areas of responsibility.

C. Initiates and coordinates short- and long-term academic planning and academic budgeting in cooperation with the Division Chairs and all other areas of responsibility.

D. Develops institutional priorities and coordinates budget requests with the Business Manager and the President.



A. Meets with the Chief Academic Officers from the other University campuses to establish system-wide course transfer policies, articulation agreements, and general academic standards.

B. Works with the UMS Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs to improve the educational offerings of the University System and increase the cooperative efforts among the campuses.

C. Represents UMM to appropriate external groups and individuals, especially those with academic and/or faculty connections.

D. Promotes the mission of the campus as one seeking excellence in undergraduate education and pride in the contribution the University makes to regional, national, and world understanding.