Eric Jones

Bio: Dr. Eric Jones graduated from Florida State University in 2012 with a Ph.D. in biological sciences. Dr. Jones studied plant mating system evolution in the genus Houstonia (Rubiaceae, the coffee family).  He is interested in biodiversity, the philosophy of science, and botany in the broad sense. His background in botany ranges from molecular biology to phylogenetics and development.

Dr. Jones currently serves as associate professor of botany at the University of Maine at Machias, where he teaches courses in general biology, general botany, general ecology, plant systematics, plant ecology, environmental issues and bioethics. He is also the curator of the UMM herbarium, which houses collections of vascular and non-vascular plants and marine macroalgae. Dr. Jones serves as the advisor for WUMM, Sigma Chi Lambda, Epsilon Sigma Alpha, as faculty liaison to the Sunrise Senior College. He is actively engaged in music at UMM, studying bass guitar since 2013 and DJing for WUMM Radio since 2019.  


Ph.D., Florida State University
B.S., Florida State University
A.S., Tallahassee Community College