Christopher Abbandonato

Bio: Christopher Abbandonato is an applied mathematician whose research interests are in two categories, mathematical biology and mathematics education. In mathematical biology, Christopher has studied different mathematical and biological models: a model that examines the impact of spruce budworm outbreaks in forests and a model that examines spatial variability in soft-shell clam recruitment. In mathematics education, he is interested in developing ways to engage students in the learning of STEM at the K–12 and post-secondary levels.

Christopher has been a mathematics and science teacher at the middle school level since 2010 and has developed outreach projects that allow his students to explore mathematics and STEM education at an inquiry/discovery based level. 

Areas of Expertise: Mathematics Education, Mathematical Biology/Epidemiology, Differential Equations, Multivariate Statistics


Ph.D.,  University of Maine (In Progress)
M.Sc.,  University of New Brunswick
B.Ed.,  St. Thomas University
B.S.,  McGill University

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