Early College Programs at the University of Maine at Machias

Early College Career Pathways are a way for high school students to explore career paths while earning college credit.  Upon completion, students will be awarded a certificate at UMM commencement.

UMaine Machias currently offers 13 Early College Pathways (11 of which are completely online) which are available to Maine students, out-of-state students, and international students.

Early College Courses

The Early College Program provides high school students the opportunity to enroll in college courses online or on the UMaine Machias campus. Students receive college credit for these courses, giving them a jump start toward their college degrees.  By participating in the Early College Program, students discover the rewards of learning at the collegiate level and begin a transition to full-time college studies after high school graduation.

Early College Summer Institutes for students are an opportunity for high school students to explore a program of interest through workshops, field trips, and hands-on activities during a stay on a the UMaine Machias campus or local 4-H Center.

The UMaine Machias Difference


  • Free or reduced tuition of $138.25 per credit hour up to 12 credits per year.
  • All general fees will be waived.
  • Only pay for textbooks and course-specific fees.
  • Scholarships for textbooks and course-specific fees for Maine students who receive free/reduced lunch OR are facing economic hardship.  This form must be filled out by a school professional.

Early College Scholar Admissions Application!

  • Access to a special, fast-track Early College Scholar admissions application.  (Qualifying students will receive the link to this application in September of their senior year.)
  • No application fee.

Free Room and Special Recognition!

If you earn an Early College Career Pathway and enroll at UMaine Machias for the semester following your high school graduation then you can:

  • Get a FREE room for your first year at UMaine Machias (a $4980 value)
  • Be recognized at Honors Convocation
  • Participate in UMaine Machias Commencement
  • Receive a special cord to be worn at your high school graduation.

Access to resources!

Check out all our resources here.

All Early College students will receive Clipper ID cards upon request and will have full access to the following for FREE:

Benefits of Early College

If you participate in Early College, then you will likely:

  • gain better study skills
  • develop more academic confidence
  • have less anxiety about the transition to college.
  • are less likely to need remedial courses in college.
  • are more likely to earn a degree on time when compared to students without early college credits.

Sources of the above data can be found here.