Requesting Academic Accomodations

Disability is a valued diversity at the University of Maine at Machias SAS collaborates with students and the campus community to discuss reasonable accommodations which creates a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse learning environment. With this view in mind students are encouraged to complete the following steps to request reasonable accommodations which includes completing an information form and sending documentation to our office. We recognize that there are some instances in which documentation may vary in a variety of ways. If you are concerned that you cannot provide documentation to our office prior to your initial meeting please reach out to our office staff to discuss your concerns.    

Process for Requesting Accommodations From Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

(Step 1)
As of 1 August 2023 all accommodation requests will be done through the Accommodate System.

For new students who are requesting academic accommodations please fill out Student Accommodation Request Form utilizing the Accommodate System. When completing this form you can upload any supporting documentation to help the S.A.S. Office better understands your request and supports your individual needs here at the University of Maine at Machias. If you are unable to provide documentation when completing  the Student Accommodation Request Form please submit the form and have your provider complete the Documentation Form. The form can be uploaded through Accommodate Account utilizing your UMaine System single sign on feature or you can email directly to the S.A.S. Office at
Once the form is completed and submitted the S.A.S. Office will reach out to you to set up an appointment and/or request documentation.

For returning students who have previously been approved for academic accommodations please log into Accommodate utilizing your UMaine System single log-in feature. Your username and password are the same that you would use to log into your gmail or MaineStreet.

  • For new accommodations (others that you may not be approved for) please fill out the Supplemental Request under Accommodation tab on the left hand side in your Accommodate Account.
  • For requesting accommodations for an individual semester or specific courses please fill out the Semester Request under the Accommodations tab on the left hand side in your Accommodate Account.

(Step 2)  The S.A.S. Office will reach out to you directly about requesting additional documentation to support your request for accommodations or set up an appointment to speak with you (in person or zoom) about your request.

  • You are able to set up appointments with the S.A.S. Office by utilizing your Accommodate account Appointment tab on the left hand side or you can email S.A.S. Office directly at

(Step 3)  Students meet with the Student Accessibility Services Professional Staff to discuss the accommodation process and determine appropriate accommodations. Generally, accommodations are put in place from the time requested forward and are not retroactive. 

  • Once accommodations are determined students need only complete the Accommodation Request Form each semester and need not meet with SAS Professional Staff unless accommodation changes are being requested.

(Step 4)  S.A.S. Office will prepare a letter of determination of accommodation(s). The letter will be sent to the student’s Accommodate Account under the Accommodation tab on the left hand side. This is where the student is able to view their accommodation letters and sign for them as well. 

(Step 5)  The S.A.S. Office will send out to specific faculty that you are requesting accommodations for and will receive a letter of accommodations through their Accommodate Account. Students are recommended to reach out to their professors/faculty to discuss accommodations in a private setting.