Student Refund Direct Deposits

From University of Maine at Machias To Your Bank

The Business Office Office at UMaine Machias has a convenient program for processing your refund. Through Direct Deposit, we can deposit your excess student account funds in the U.S. financial institution of your choice. It’s simple, safe and convenient.

How Do You Benefit From Direct Deposit?

  • No lost or stolen checks or delay with the mail
  • No running to the bank to deposit your funds and waiting for the check to clear
  • No waiting in line to pick up your refund check in Powers Hall
  • No special arrangements or fear of not receiving your money because you’re not on campus.

Frequent Questions and Answers

If I sign up for Direct Deposit when will it start?

Sign up is immediate if you enroll thru MaineStreet/Student Center. When refunds are generated, if your account is eligible for a refund, the funds will be direct deposited into your specified bank account.  (UMaine Machias processes refunds twice a week.)  Please refer to your account detail to verify a refund has posted to your account.  BE SURE TO CONFIRM YOUR DEPOSIT WITH YOUR BANK.  Do not write checks using your credit balance until you confirm that the funds are available in your account.  UMaine Machias is not responsible for bank charges you may incur by writing checks on an unconfirmed deposit.

Can my refund be deposited in the account of my choice?

YES! You may choose any account for your direct deposit refund…checking or savings. It’s your choice.

What happens if I change banks?

You may UPDATE your direct deposit information any time through MaineStreet /Student Center or you may notify The Business Office.

If I already have my Student payroll check direct deposited, will I need to complete this enrollment process?

Yes. Your Student Account refund money is not related to the Payroll Department.

What happens if my refund is not accepted by my bank?

If a direct deposit is not accepted by your bank, The Business Office will be notified and the reason for the rejection reviewed. If the reason for the rejection cannot be resolved, you will be notified.

If I have additional questions who should I call?

Please contact Business Office at 207.255.1312, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You may also email us:

Instructions to Enroll in Student Refund Direct Deposits

  1. Log into MaineStreet / Student Center
  2. Locate the Finances Section (this is located half way down the page)
  3. In the drop down box select Enroll in Direct Deposit
  4. Click Enroll in Direct Deposit
  5. Add Bank Account Details
    • Nickname: Enter a nickname for this account
    • Account Type: Select checking or savings account
    • Routing number: This is the number on the bottom left side of the check
    • Branch: You do not need to fill in this field
    • Account Number: Enter your checking or savings account # 
    • Confirm Account Number: Enter the account number again
    • Account Holder: The name of the person to whom the account belongs
  6. Click the Green Next Button
  7. Click To Enroll In Direct Deposit
  8. Proceed To Enroll in Direct Deposit
  9. Select Bank Account
  10. Agree to term and conditions of the agreement
  11. Submit